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Acrylic plastic iis one of the best materials for your office supplies. It is a very resistant material, which has good visual features such as transparency and weighs half the weight of glass.

At Plastic Express we would like to present all the acrylic plastic office supplies and materials we have, so that you can ask for a made-to-measure quote and make your workplace as beautiful and effective as possible.

Acrylic plastic office screens for all types of offices

This acrylic office screen is ideal to prevent and avoid COVID-19 and other viral contagions. It is also useful for separating two well-delimited work spaces or to prevent two tables (in the hospitality sector) from coming into contact with each other and to keep them isolated at all times.

This acrylic office screen is characterised by being 100% transparent and very resistant and light. It has a bottom support, which will allow you to install this item on any type of table. These dividers have been created using the latest laser technology for cutting acrylic plastic and at Plastic Express we have several sizes available.

You can use these protective screens to help separate spaces or to divide a table in half. This way you can have a meeting at the same table as your co-worker, without the need to use masks or socially distance yourself and without the risk of contagion between you.

Acrylic signage for offices

Acrylic sign holders for offices are one of the most demanded objects by users, as they are very useful in the work sector. Most times, businesses and companies need to display information publicly, so that everybody can see it, and doing it by the means of sign holders is a good option.


These items will allow the information to be fully visible and the sign will always be well protected. The acrylic plexiglas office sign is an object made of transparent acrylic plexiglas and is used to communicate important information to the consumer or other employees.


These supports are hard and resistant, so that they will last for a long time in perfect condition. They have been created through thermoforming, which is a technique that heats the plastic at very high temperatures, without it being detrimental to the acrylic plastic office materials will be created from it. 

Acrylic furniture for offices

Acrylic office furniture has a double function. On the one hand, they are elements of great visual quality, so they will bring beauty and decoration to the space where they are located. On the other hand, they are resistant, light and very efficient objects to be used in any occasion.


You can find these different types of furniture for the office:


  • Acrylic office tables: it has the quality of displaying any type of product, while providing the necessary support and height.


  • Acrylic office chair: It is resistant and can support the weight of a person perfectly, without giving up on its transparent aesthetics.


  • Acrylic pedestal: It is a subtle and modern display stand. It displays any type of product providing support and height.


  • Acrylic shelf: Modern acrylic shelves are great for displaying any type of product. Their aim is to provide the necessary support and height to place and display all kinds of objects on them.

All the acrylic products you need in your office, at Plastic Express

Buying acrylic plexiglas for the office is now easier than ever thanks to Plastic Express. We are your trusted manufacturer of plastic materials and on our website you can find all the products you need, made through the most careful manufacturing processes.


At Plastic Express you can find all the items we have mentioned above in several different sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your office. But if, even so, your project is more ambitious and you need an item produced in a specific size, you can contact us.


You can get all the material and office supplies made from acrylic plastic, made to measure, by writing us an email to the following address: [email protected]. In the subject of the email you should indicate which article you are interested in, for example: custom-made acrylic table, custom-made sign holder, custom-made security screen, etc.


In the body of the email, you can explain what you need more specifically. Our team will receive your email, examine it carefully and send you a personalised quote. If you give the green light to the budget, we will immediately start working on your project and we will advise you throughout the whole process.


Remember that, if you are a professional in the business, you can access discounts from the form for professionals that you will find on our website. This way you will be able to acquire the best acrylic office material and articles at the best price, through Plastic Express.

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