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If you want to add a modern and minimalist style to your shop or business, at Plastic Express we have different acrylic Plexiglass boxes to meet your needs. PMMA acrylic Plexiglass is a material of great optical quality and on our website you have different colourless models so you can display and market your products without any problem.

These boxes that we will show you below allow you to see in detail all the contents inside, as happens with glass. However, acrylic Plexiglass is a much lighter and more resistant material, helping you to protect and organise any space effectively.


Types of PMMA acrylic plastic Plexiglass boxes

If you are looking for acrylic Plexiglass boxes, we have a wide selection of exceptional alternatives so you can choose the most suitable for your business. Take a look at our collection of boxes and urns, and place your order now through our online shop. If you have any questions, you can also contact our professional team, who will be happy to advise you on the spot.

Without further ado, these are the types of methacrylate boxes we currently have:

Round colourless methacrylate boxes. This methacrylate box is composed of a plate in the shape of a circle and a tube, both elements made of methacrylate. The lid, in addition, is formed by another plate with the same shape, as well as a small cylinder-shaped handle to lift it.

  • Square acrylic Plexiglass boxes. In this case, they are made up of a square-shaped plate, made of PMMA methacrylate, as well as four more plates that make up the box. The lid, on the other hand, has another methacrylate plate with the same shape and a cylindrical handle to lift it easily.
  • Acrylic case. It is composed of a rectangle-shaped Plexiglass plate, as well as four other plates that form the box. It also has a sliding lid at the top that opens and closes through a slot.
  • Methacrylate display box. The PMMA acrylic Plexiglass display box comes in the shape of a rectangle and has a methacrylate plate and four other plates that form the box. It also includes a black lid located at the bottom that tends to fit with the colourless top box.
  • Box with Plexiglass lid and hinges. It has a square acrylic plate and four other plates that form the box. It also includes a lid in the upper part that can be hinged, thanks to the added hinges of the same material.


Advantages of acrylic Plexiglass ballot boxes

Acrylic boxes and ballot boxes offer many advantages over those made of glass or crystal. As we have already mentioned, it is a much more resistant material, despite offering a high level of transparency of around 93%. It is also 20 times lighter than glass, making it easier to transport and handle.

The Plexiglass ballot boxes we manufacture have all these advantages and we have paid special attention to all the details to make them more functional and durable. Our ballot boxes are very resistant and stand out for offering greater stability in the event of knocks or when moving them from one place to another.

Acrylic plastic offers almost complete transparency and the passage of time does not destroy its colour, yellowing it. The result obtained are professional ballot boxes with a great finish, with polished faces and edges to obtain the maximum shine.

We have urns of all shapes and sizes. In fact, in our online shop you can find everything from a methacrylate slipper box to display a star product to small or large urns to organise your office utensils or to be used as part of your interior design work.


Buy your acrylic Plexiglass boxes at the best price at Plastic Express

Whatever your needs, at Plastic Express we will meet your expectations. We manufacture custom-made acrylic plastic boxes of any type and shape, and you can even add up to 6 sides and a greater thickness to make the design more attractive to the eye.

The bases can be in clear or black acrylic plastic according to your tastes and preferences. We manufacture square and rectangular ballot boxes, although it is possible to manufacture them in other shapes to increase their size and resistance.

Similarly, we can create large ballot boxes based on what you are looking for and add extra supports to prevent them from sinking in the centre. It is also possible to adapt our acrylic plastic ballot boxes to bases already made of wood or any other material.

Tell us what you need and we will be delighted to help you. If you want a custom-made Plexiglass box, send us an email or request a quote through our website and we will contact you as soon as possible. Also, remember that we also have boxes in solid colours and that we have special discounts for industry professionals.