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Coffee bean dispenser

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Are you looking for a bulk coffee bean dispenser? Bulk coffee beans are one of the best-selling products in the coffee industry nowadays. Thanks to this product, customers can buy exactly the amount of coffee beans they need, whilst the product keeps all its aroma, texture and flavour in every cup that is brewed.

Any place where bulk coffee beans are sold needs to have containers and holders to store and distribute the beans. This is where coffee bean dispensers and the material they are made of are useful, so that the taste of the final product is not affected.

Why have a coffee bean dispenser in your shop?

If you sell coffee beans and dry products in your shop, you probably need a tool to help you sell this product. Coffee beans are seeds that deteriorate when they come into contact with oxygen, so it is advisable not to leave them in a completely open container, but to protect the product as much as possible.

A bulk coffee bean dispenser will allow you to pour the beans directly from the bag into the hermetic acrylic plastic bulk dispenser. The beans will be in contact with oxygen for only a few seconds, allowing your customers to maintain the best quality in every cup of coffee.

In addition, this coffee bean dispenser for shops is transparent, so the customer can see which product is stored at all times and decide which type of coffee beans they want for their next purchase. The optical quality of these acrylic dispensers is excellent.

A shop that is able to show each product to its customers, so that they have the opportunity to evaluate the purchase 100%, is a shop that is gaining in reputation. Your shop will have an increasingly better reputation and you will be able to position it as one of the recommended shops in the area to go to when buying bulk coffee beans.

Advantages of Plastic Express’ bulk coffee bean dispenser

Acrylic boxes and displays are ideal for storing and displaying any type of retail-ready product in shops. At Plastic Express we are experts in working with acrylic plastic, as we believe it is the plastic that best suits the needs of foodstuffs.

Unlike glass or metal bulk dispensers, acrylic plastic offers much higher resistance. The acrylic plastic we work with is completely colourless and allows you to have a clear view of the inside of the box, without any kind of interference.

When you buy a bulk coffee bean dispenser, you can benefit from all these advantages in your shop:

  • 100% transparent optical quality
  • High resistance to outdoor conditions, such as water, shocks, scratches, etc.
  • Thermal resistance. In other words, the product will always be kept at a stable temperature.
  • Resistance to the passage of time, as the plastic will not turn yellowish like glass, but will remain completely transparent.
  • It is easy to handle and clean, unlike other materials such as glass or aluminium.
  • Your bulk coffee bean dispenser will be much lighter than glass.
  • Throughout its manufacturing process it does not emit any toxic gases.

Purchase your coffee bean dispensers for shops at Plastic Express

Plastic Express is your trusted shop where we work with all the types of plastic items you can imagine. We are dedicated to decorating spaces with our transparent acrylic plastic creations, such as tables or chairs, but we also take into account the functionality of our products.

This is the case of our bulk coffee bean dispensers. These are very functional elements in a shop, but sometimes we don’t pay enough attention to them. But at Plastic Express we are experts in paying attention to details, that’s why we want your establishment to stand out from the rest.

To shop at Plastic Express, all you have to do is visit our website and buy the item you are interested in on our online shop. Here, you will be able to see all the products we have in stock. 

But if your project is a little more ambitious and you need your coffee bean dispenser to have specific measurements or characteristics, you can contact us via contact form. Remember that, if you are a professional in the business, you can benefit from discounts on all the plastic products you need.

In conclusion, you already know how useful a bulk coffee bean dispenser can be in your premises to offer a quality product to your customers. Take a look at our Plastic Express platform to see the services we offer and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.