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Plastic-free product dispenser and display. Made of colourless acrylic plastic with high optical sharpness. Composed of a box and a Plexiglas separator. Organises and displays products of all kinds with total lightness and transparency.

Displaying the products your business offers in the right way has a huge impact on both the impression they make and, logically, the volume of sales. Usually a part of the furniture that is almost taken for granted, displays have an importance and potential that cannot be overlooked. 

Whether it’s bulk dispensers, displays or any other type, at Plastic Express we have the perfect acrylic modular display for your needs, and we even accept custom orders. 

What are modular displays used for? 

The fact that the presentation of any product is one of the most important parts of the whole marketing process is no secret by now. From caterers, who put a lot of effort into the appearance of their dishes and portions, to car dealerships, which are designed as great displays of what they contain, everyone who has something to sell knows how vital it is to present it properly. 

It’s the same for wholesale retailers of all kinds, whether it’s nuts, office supplies or anything else: the item must be displayed in a practical, attractive and professional manner. This is precisely the function of the display unit, an often underestimated but no less important part of furnishing. 

Moreover, modular designs have been a trend for some years now, but this is not just a matter of fashion: they are popular because they are practical and functional. A modular display allows the layout and structure of the equipment to be adapted according to the needs of both the product to be displayed and the space available in the shop or business. 

The use of modular design allows the display of the product to be tailored to each circumstance, making the most of the characteristics of the shop and the object to be displayed to achieve that personal touch of distinction. 

Plastic Express displays are made of transparent acrylic plastic, a material with many advantages over traditional glass. These are the most important ones:

  • High resistance. Acrylic plastic has a high resistance to impact, offering between 10 and 20 times the resistance of glass, making it very suitable for working environments or environments exposed to the public, where occasional knocks and falls can occur. An Acrylic plexiglas display is much more resistant and will not break if it is simply dropped or knocked, resulting in much safer conditions for the people around it. 
  • Lightweight. Acrylic plastic is a very light material compared to glass, weighing about half as much as glass. This, again, means greater safety in its handling, as well as much easier and more comfortable working and transport conditions. Its density is 1190 kg/m3, being only slightly heavier than water.
  • High transparency. Acrylic plastic is the most transparent of all plastics, offering 93% transparency, which makes it practically invisible to the human eye. In other words, in practice it is as transparent as glass, clearly showing everything it contains. 
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation. This material offers high thermal resistance, which means that the items or products inside are more insulated from the elements, maintaining a more stable temperature and therefore being more protected. Products in a perspex display benefit from greater durability. 
  • Weather resistant. It is also one of the most resistant materials to exposure to the elements: methacrylate shows no signs of aging, damage or yellowing after 10 years of exposure to weather or light, making it perfect for large shop windows or shops with an outdoor area. 
  • Flexible and machinable. It is a material that can be treated even when cold, offering enormous possibilities for customisation in terms of the design of furniture and articles with it. 

Buy your acrylic modular display at Plastic Express

At Plastic Express we remain at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in terms of plastic materials, including Acrylic plastic. You can buy any of our products directly from our online shop, benefiting from our proximity service which offers record delivery times throughout Europe. 

We are specialists in plastic, with a long history that allows us to carry out all the manufacturing work ourselves and sell them directly to you, without unnecessary intermediaries that make the product more expensive. 

If none of the products in our catalogue fits your needs, do not hesitate to use the contact form or write to us by e-mail, indicating all the possible details and measurements of your order so that we can draw up a quote and reply as soon as possible with the details of your customised order. 

And if you are a professional, remember that you can benefit from significant discounts for working with us: we know the value of a well done job.