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Multi-product dispenser


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Dispenser for unpackaged and bulk products. Made of colourless acrylic plastic with high optical sharpness and transparent hinges. A hinged lid contains two compartments and an opening for thongs or dispensers. Dispenser for all kinds of products with total lightness and transparency.

Modular dispensers are very efficient products with a wide range of uses. When they are made of acrylic plastic, they provide great resistance, durability and aesthetic criteria, which makes them very attractive accessories to incorporate in shops and all kinds of businesses.

Acrylic plastic is a transparent plastic, which allows you to see what is inside the modular dispenser box with cover even when it is closed, protecting the integrity of the products stored in it. The material is rigid and able to perfectly withstand the impact of atmospheric agents: a long-term investment.

For good maintenance, it is only necessary to clean these objects regularly, for which it is not necessary to use special or expensive products. In fact, soap and water can already be used in everyday life to very good effect.

Another of its qualities is that, in addition to its characteristic transparency, methacrylate is also available in other colours to create personalised, designer dispensers. The result of this can contribute to the decoration of establishments, in addition to its functionality as a display or storage.

What are modular dispenser boxes used for?

The modular dispenser with lid is an object that can have different dimensions, which allows food or other products to be stored inside it, preserving them perfectly and even making them visible from the outside without opening the lids.

Given their qualities, they are used in many sectors. These are some of their main uses. 

Display box

The modular dispenser box with lid can be used to display any product in shops so that customers have the opportunity to see what it looks like and what condition it is in, while it is protected inside the box. It is really useful in food establishments or bulk product sales.

Coffee dispenser

One of the foods that the modular dispenser with lid successfully stores is coffee, especially for establishments that sell coffee beans. It is a product that deteriorates very easily in contact with oxygen, something that can be protected from when kept in these storage systems. Those made of methacrylate are much more resistant than those made of glass or metal, so they preserve this type of product much better.


The multi-product dispenser comes with a separation inside so that at least two products can be displayed in the same container at the same time. When there is a lot of variety in a shop, opting for this type of model can be very useful when it comes to saving space and logistics. They will ensure that all of them are well preserved and allow visibility inside, just like the rest of the models.

Herb and spray dispenser

Items that are sold by weight can be easily integrated into the dispensers, maintaining their properties and allowing the customer to see what they look like, as well as choosing the doses they wish to purchase. It can be used for all kinds of herbal teas, teas and other variants.

Sale of detergent in bulk

The properties of dispenser boxes make them very attractive for food products, but they also allow the integration of other very different products such as detergents sold in bulk. In fact, they can be very useful beyond vending services, also for integration in businesses such as laundromats.

Rice dispenser box

Rice is another foodstuff that can be sold in bulk and in different varieties that can even be differentiated at a glance: round, brown, basmati… In the dispenser box they can be stored perfectly and sold by weight without the risk of the product being damaged by the action of humidity or other external agents.


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