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Methacrylate bases

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Acrylic stands are articles used for window dressing. They are usually used as a support, guaranteeing strength and firmness. Aesthetically, they are made of colourless cast Plexiglass, i.e. a transparent material that has a functional purpose to offer a more attractive and modern image and to give a more attractive and singular style to a shop window. Thus, you can achieve a unique concept  with interesting optical characteristics for decoration.


What are acrylic stands and what are their features?

These pieces are made of a block of polished acrylic plastic, with a quadrangular or circular format, in order to offer adaptability to the products that are going to be placed on top.


They are characterised by being unique and simple pieces, whose work has been carried out using the best technology via  laser cutting of acrylic plastic. As for the external formal purification, a polishing process has been used to leave a smooth and easy-to-handle texture for displaying these articles in the shop window.


What are acrylic stands used for?

These acrylic pieces can be used for a variety of purposes. It must be taken into account that they fulfil an interesting aesthetic function for the exhibition of products, hence they are mainly used in the commercial, hotel and catering and art collecting fields. For this reason, some of the main uses are directed to the following spaces:

  • Commercial showcases
  • POS
  • Collecting
  • Exhibitions of high-value items
  • Electronic shops
  • Opticians
  • Jewellers
  • Shoe shops
  • Decoration
  • Stands
  • Boutiques

Plastic Express has created a line of acrylic window dressing. From a collection of articles selected by our team, we have created a wide range of products that are available according to your needs. The wide range of stands offers you the opportunity to choose the one that best suits your needs, as they can be found in different sizes and with a different format; however, all of them are of high quality and become resistant resources for everyday use.

If you are interested in buying acrylic stands, you can do so through our online shop. Here you can find a select group of bases classified by sizes and designs, fulfilling their function as pedestals.

It should be noted that, within the group of plastic stands, acrylic plastic is the most resistant and offers greater guarantees in the long term. It has an extraordinary durability, even if it is used assiduously, without forgetting that it can be worked with different finishes and colours, so that the formats are perfectly designed to achieve a more perfected work and appropriate results for exhibition in front of the public.


Buy custom-made acrylic stands

At Plastic Express we offer the possibility of making custom-made acrylic stands. When you need to adapt to a specific product, it is good to put yourself in the hands of professionals. Therefore, we offer all kinds of advantages and conveniences in case you need an article that is different from the models displayed. In order to make the request, send us a description of the needs and ask for a custom quote here or send us an email to [email protected] with the following information:

In the subject indicate the article you are interested in and the material such as, for example, stand + acrylic.

Finally, remember that if you are a professional in the industry and want to buy an acrylic stand, you can get special discounts by accessing the quote form for professionals. Only at Plastic Express can you get the best results with precise and personal attention.