Custom plastic materials and products
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The material from which we make our products for the hotel and catering industry has to be very hard-wearing. These objects pass through many hands and have to last in perfect condition for a long time.

Here are the best-selling plastic products for the hospitality industry from PlasticExpress that can take your hotel or restaurant to the next level of quality.

Acrylic menu holders and price holders for the hotel and catering industry

Menu holders and price holders are essential elements in the restaurant and hotel sector. These products allow customers to see the dishes and prices of what they are about to order at a glance.


The acrylic menu holder is a transparent and light piece that allows the restaurant menu to be displayed, without customers having to handle it. This is a catering material that has become one of the favourites, thanks to the safety and hygiene measures it offers.


On the other hand, acrylic price holders are pieces that allow the price of any product to be displayed, providing it with a support and a height. In the hotel and catering business, it is very useful for displaying the prices of the products that customers can purchase.


Plastic materials for the hotel and catering industry have very specific characteristics. As well as providing resistance, they must also provide visual quality for customers. These objects are made in one single piece to guarantee their durability and the following processes have been used for their manufacture: laser cutting of acrylic plastic, and PMMA bending.

Acrylic tables for restaurants

Hospitality furniture is one of the main elements that work as an attraction for customers. If your place looks clean, modern and with an attractive decoration, customers will come in by themselves and you can even save money on your marketing strategy.

At PlasticExpress we have furniture for the hospitality industry made from acrylic plastic, to guarantee good aesthetic results that will last over time. Acrylic tables are transparent and light pieces of furniture that will bring a very modern decorative touch to your restaurant or hotel.

They can be used in two ways. The first is as a dining table, i.e. the diners will sit around this table to enjoy a good dinner. 

The second use is as a side table for exhibitions, i.e. it can be a table in the entrance hall with magazines, menus, hydroalcoholic gel or any information you need to display.

The tables are made entirely of colourless cast acrylic plastic and are objects with excellent optical qualities, i.e. they are completely transparent. It consists of a single piece, a single acrylic sheet bent twice at 90º and is twice as light as a glass table.

The following processes have been used for its manufacture: laser cutting of acrylic plastic, and bending.

The best custom-made plastic articles for the hospitality industry at PlasticExpress

PlasticExpress is your trusted plastic manufacturer. On our website you can find all kinds of plastic articles for your business and if they do not convince you, we can make your article to measure, taking your needs into account. Our company is characterized by always trying to give the best solutions to our customers.


We only work with top quality material and we have the latest generation machinery to guarantee unbeatable results in each of your projects. We are very demanding and we like to take care of the smallest detail in each of our projects.

When we work with a piece, we use all the necessary processes: CNC machining, laser cutting, polishing, polishing, printing, bending, thermoforming, gluing, cutting to size, etc.

You can buy the plastic items that suit you best on our website, but if the measures do not fit with what you were looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. Through our email we can initiate a process to offer you the best plastic articles for the hotel and catering industry made to measure.

If you need a made-to-measure plastic article, you can ask for a quote by sending an email to [email protected]. In the subject you should indicate the article you are interested in, in this case acrylic menu holders, acrylic price holders or acrylic tables.


In the body of the email you can write a short explanation of what you are looking for and as soon as we receive it, our team will get to work to give you the most accurate budget. Remember that if you are a professional in the business you can access special discounts through the form you will find on our website.

Now you know the best plastic products for the hospitality industry that we sell at PlasticExpress. Do not hesitate to take a look at our website and contact us if you have any questions. Give a different look to your catering business and enjoy the results.

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