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At Plastic Express we work every day to satisfy  our customers’ needs. Our main goal is to serve you as quickly as possible and at the lowest possible price. To turn our vision into reality, we study market trends and adapt to them so that our customers can find what they need quickly. 

At Plastic Express, your trusted plastic materials manufacturer, you can find all the services and manufacturing processes to produce your custom-made plastic articles.

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We have the latest technology for CNC machining and laser cutting of PMMA acrylic Plexiglass and polycarbonate, we are also experts in polishing and polishing, printing, bending, thermoforming, gluing and custom-cutting Acrylic plastic as well as all the plastic materials we sell. We are demanding and we like to take care of even the smallest detail.

Custom-made plastic articles

We can give you many reasons to trust Plastic Express. First of all, we are manufacturers of the products we sell and we only work with the most advanced machinery and professional experts.

This is the way we can guarantee the highest quality and a cost that suits your budget. Get your PMMA acrylic Plexiglass sheets, acrylic showcases, Plexiglass displays, PMMA trophies or any item you desire, completely customised for every need.

Why buy methacrylate and other plastics from Plastic Express?

Our company will supply you with any plastic material you require, whether in the form of a tube, bar or plate. In our workshops we create them in standard format or according to the customer’s instructions.






 In addition, we are friendly and offer a fast, personalised and reliable service. Read on and we will provide you with information about the products we usually work with to give you an approximate idea:

  • PMMA acrylic plastic, also known as Plexiglass,  has an outstanding optical quality and, given its high resistance to breakage, it is the perfect substitute for glass or crystal. It allows light to pass through and is often used in many sectors to manufacture acrylic ballot boxes, acrylic displays for window dressing, vehicle windscreens, display cabinets and screens for shops and much more. It is highly resistant to weather conditions and has the ability to filter out UV rays from the sun. In addition, you can have acrylic plastic made to measure or standardised, and choose from different types: transparent acrylic plastic, fluorescent-coloured PMMA acrylic or mirror Plexiglass, among others. 
  • Compact polycarbonate is a plastic material that is highly resistant to impact. It is practically unbreakable and its colour is not altered by UV rays over the years. It is a thermal, electrical and acoustic insulating material, which can be used to make all types of roofs or as a wall partitioning element. 
  • Cellular polycarbonate, on the other hand, are light polycarbonate sheets, which stand out for their high light transmission and high impact resistance. In addition to offering good rigidity, they are lightweight and simple to assemble. 
  • ABS is a thermoplastic with high rigidity and excellent impact resistance. Its deformation is minimal and its mechanical and chemical resistance is high.
  • Cellular polypropylene is a thermoplastic that stands out for its light weight and low cost. It is also easy to handle and recyclable. 
  • White or coloured foamed PVC is another lightweight thermoplastic with insulating properties, ideal for use as a rigid support for digital printing. 

Methacrylate products for sale in our online shop

From our facilities we send daily shipments all over Europe. Our services, solutions and materials related to the plastic business are unparalleled, offering the best price to both professionals and individuals.

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Thus, Plastic Express offers its customers the possibility to purchase a wide range of finished products for a great number of businesses such as retail, visual communication, hospitality and administration. 

From acrylic boxes, to price holders and acrylic display stands, without forgetting anti-contagion screens, here you will find any plastic item you are looking for and in the size you need. 


At Plastic Express we are dedicated to the sale of all types of plastic articles throughout Europe, whether it be custom-made PMMA acrylic Plexiglass, polycarbonate, PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene or PETG.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery, we adapt to the needs of our customers, distributing materials in the form of sheets, bars, tubes and plates cut to size. We have become a benchmark in the plastic materials manufacturing sector both nationally and internationally. 

  • We are specialists in the plastics sector and have a long history. 
  • We are plastic manufacturers and we are dedicated to handling the product in our workshops.
  • We offer standardised and made-to-measure plastic articles.
  • We only work with the best tools and the best suppliers.
  • In our online shop you will find all our products and services.


You can purchase your acrylic PMMA plexiglass plastic at Plastic Express, a place where you can get quality, good prices and a personalised service. It has become one of the most important online shops e for all types of acrylic products and sheets: transparent, fluorescent, satin, opaque, ice white, black and white and mirror.

At Plastic Express, the client can achieve quality and efficient acrylic products.Thus, the service is tailored to the needs of the client according to the surface where the acrylic article is to be installed. The company's professionals come to the site to carry out the calculations and measurements necessary for the installation.

At Plastic Express you can buy finished plastic articles. All types of finishes are available for purchase. Plastic Express can adapt to the desired finishes, whether they are bars, sheets or other shapes that are available in the desired size.

Plastic Express offers the possibility of engraving on plastic materials (polypropylene, polyester...). For this purpose, high technology is used for engraving and cutting, such as the use of laser for cutting and marking, in order to meet the customer's request.

If the material is damaged or has a noticeable error, there is a period of 15 calendar days to claim the replacement or exchange of material. Plastic Express assumes the transport costs of the replacement, as long as the exchange has not been requested in error. In turn, you have a period of ten calendar days, counting from the day of receipt of the ordered product, to exercise your right of return.

Plastic Express delivers within Spain and also throughout Europe.

Plastic Express works with the following plastic products: acrylic PMMA plexiglass, compact polycarbonate, cellular polycarbonate, PVC, cellular polypropylene, PETG, ABS and aluminium composite.

The customer service centre is located at Calle Zamora 89, C.P. 08018 in Barcelona. You can also call us on +34 674 66 71 99 or via WhatsApp messaging or even via email by accessing this section of our website.