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The introduction of polycarbonate to areas of business such as construction and architecture, as well as the impact that this type of material has had in recent years on design, both in shops and in our homes, has opened up a new world of possibilities when it comes to making different elements useful for all kinds of uses. 

At Plastic Express we believe in the advantages of using this material due to its versatility in the construction of all types of structures and materials. In the same way, we also offer our future clients the possibility of receiving budgets for professionals in a fast and reliable way,   and, in case they do not find exactly what they need, to be able to make a customised budget. 

Our intention is to provide you with all the information you need before you decide to use polycarbonate as a material to improve your business or home.


Types of polycarbonate

Using polycarbonate gives us the possibility to manufacture anything from a polycarbonate greenhouse to a polycarbonate pergola and even a polycarbonate window made to measure thanks to our creative professionals. 

In addition, within our wide range of services, we would like to highlight the possibility of making a polycarbonate standing screen to offer workplaces greater protection against the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Many companies have decided to contact us to create this type of screen for the safety and comfort of their employees. 

Polycarbonate is a synthetic material which, thanks to its composition, is much more flexible, resistant and safer than other materials and offers a multitude of possibilities when it comes to working with it. In fact, in recent years it has gained some importance over materials such as stainless steel or glass, becoming one of the most popular materials on the market today.

On our website you will find a specific section with all the materials we use. Among them, we would like to highlight compact polycarbonate and cellular polycarbonate. In both cases they are divided, in turn, into several types that we present below.


Compact polycarbonate

Within compact polycarbonate, at Plastic Express you will find colourless polycarbonate, opal white polycarbonate, anti-reflective polycarbonate and opaque compact polycarbonate.

  • Colorless polycarbonate is actually a transparent polycarbonate. It is a thermoplastic characterised by a high mechanical resistance and a marked lightness, which, together with its transparency, make it an ideal material to make separation screens and pergolas as well as security elements such as visors, bulletproof glazing and reinforced windows in vehicles, among many other industrial and construction uses. It is available in a range of colours, is a fire safe material, is thermoformable and can also be cold bent and is available with anti-reflective and embossed surfaces. At Plastic Express we work with CNC machining, polishing, bending, gluing and printing.
  • Opal white polycarbonate is also a polycarbonate with good transparency, and offers great resistance to both impacts and high temperatures. Its characteristics are similar to those of clear polycarbonate, although it is optimised for outdoor applications. It is also used in all types of security elements, in street furniture, in lighting elements due to its high light transmission and in outdoor construction elements such as skylights and facades. 
  • Anti-reflective polycarbonate also shares the characteristics of mechanical strength, thermal resistance and lightness of compact polycarbonates, with the addition that it has been given an anti-reflective treatment that gets rid of the appearance of glare or reflections when light passes through it. This can be particularly important in certain windows or machinery or vehicle guards, where the possibility of a glare causing an accident is to be avoided. 
  • Opaque compact polycarbonate is mainly used as a thermal and safety insulator, as it is self-extinguishing. In addition, the ease with which its sheets can be moulded, glued and welded makes it a very popular decorative element, with the possibility of using plain colours or any type of printing on its surface. 
  • Finally, cellular polycarbonate is a particularly light polycarbonate sheet thanks to its hollow inner structure. It also offers good impact resistance and high light transmission, but is particularly suitable for UV protection because it can be installed with a curvature and in structures that do not need to be able to support heavy weights. It is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator, particularly required in screens, pergolas, conservatories and all types of translucent roofs. 


Polycarbonate Articles

The great versatility that the mechanical and physical properties of polycarbonate provide, gives rise to a large number of possible uses of polycarbonate sheets in areas as different as construction, industry, home and window dressing. 

These range from a polycarbonate enclosure for a garden greenhouse to window glazing, partitioning or roofing in buildings of all kinds. Warehouses, terraces and swimming pools are also no exception, and because it is a non-toxic material, it is also often used in components and housings for all kinds of everyday objects and smart devices such as telephones, computers or glasses. 

In design, it is used in signage and illuminated signs, and in the decoration of offices and modern street furniture. 

Finally, in the home it is commonly used for its greater safety as it is a self-extinguishing material, and its insulating properties provide significant energy savings.

Polycarbonate manufacturing services 

In addition to manufacturing our own polycarbonate sheets and articles, we also offer services such as polycarbonate laser cutting, engraving, CNC machining, polishing and polishing, digital printing, bending and gluing.

If you want to cut polycarbonate or require any of our other polycarbonate services you can contact us to request a customised quote for individuals, companies and professionals. You only need to provide us with your details and those of your order, with the type of material and a description as detailed as possible of the work to be carried out, and you will receive our reply within 24 to 48 hours.