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Foamed PVC is a chemical foam with a structure that is ideal for industrial use and for many types of constructions where water resistance, lightness and easy handling are required.


Plastic Express is a company that offers a transformation and handling service for all types of plastic materials, including foamed PVC. Here we tell you all about this versatile material, its uses and how you can buy it at the best price.


What is foamed PVC?

PVC or polychloride is the most widely used plastic material in the world due to its characteristics. Its properties, both physical and manufacturing, make it ideal for all kinds of uses and utilities: from car parts to water bottles.


Foamed PVC in particular, shares many of the characteristics of traditional PVC, providing great resistance to water, great thermal and atmospheric insulation which makes it ideal for outdoors and is highly resistant to both chemicals and to any knocks or accidents that may occur.


The main difference with compact PVC is that, being of a foamed nature, it is lighter, reducing its weight by half. This is achieved by injecting quantities of CO₂ into the composition and increasing its volume. There are two types of foamed PVC:


  • White foamed PVC: It does not contain any colour in its composition, therefore it is ideal for applying colour to its surface once we have given it the desired shape.
  • Coloured foamed PVC: Colour is added to its composition, so once the piece is ready, it will have a homogeneous tone that you can use without the need to paint over it.


Foamed PVC has some very specific characteristics that differentiate it from other types of less mouldable plastics. These are the main characteristics of the plastic we are presenting to you today:


  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Rigidity of the sheet
  • Light structure
  • Avoids absorption of humidity
  • Easy to handle
  • Can be painted, printed, sawed, drilled, engraved or milled
  • Non-toxic
  • Recyclable material


Uses of foamed PVC

As we have already mentioned, this material can be used for multiple functions thanks to its resistance and lightness. Here are some of the uses of the most widely used plastic in the world:


  • Signs: Thanks to the ease with which it can be painted on its surface, it is ideal for use in signage.
  • Insulating building cladding: We have already explained the benefits of using foamed PVC for exteriors. It will allow you to insulate the building thermally as well as keep water out due to its impermeability.
  • Scenography: Thanks to the lightness of this material, it is ideal for creating scenery that can be easily moved on stage.
  • Construction: You can use foamed PVC for the creation of dividers, partitions, acoustic and thermal insulation, furniture, panelling, profiling and lightweight partitions.
  • Visual communication: As it accepts both print and paint very well on its surface, it is ideal for digital printing, screen printing, signage and signage.
  • Window dressing and shop design: The decoration of both shop windows and shop interiors is done with rigid materials, which can withstand the blows of people and possible accidents that may happen, but at the same time very light, as they are constantly changing. Foamed PVC is ideal for this type of use.
  • Point of sale and trade fair displays: These points of sale are in constant movement and every day they have to be assembled and disassembled in different places, so they need to be made of foamed PVC. It is also ideal for the construction of stands that will be outdoors, as they can serve as a porch in case of rain without the water getting through.


Buy your foamed PVC at the best price in Plastic Express

At Plastic Express, in addition to selling you your custom-made foamed PVC, we will advise you on the entire project you have in mind from the first sketch until you see it become a reality and can make use of it. We know that for a company, the use of the materials it uses to carry out its projects is very important, so we want to accompany you on this path.


We have fully qualified staff to help you choose the best material and the most appropriate handling to carry out the objective you have in mind. In order to get a quotation, you can send us an email to [email protected] with all the details of your project and what exactly you would need the foamed PVC for.


Also, if you do not find the foamed PVC sheet with the exact measurements you need on the website, we can make you a custom-made sheet and cut the foamed PVC with the exact characteristics you need in the most personalised way possible. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have, we will be happy to help you.