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Plexiglass screens create a physical barrier between employees and customers, thus increasing hygiene in all types of businesses. This type of protective equipment has a high degree of transparency and can therefore be used in offices, shops or workshops without being obtrusive. In fact, they will easily blend in with the rest of the furniture.

The protective Acrylic Plexiglass screen is a great help to increase safety, as well as taking into account other measures such as: the use of masks, providing disinfectant gel, cleaning floors and surfaces, as well as adequate ventilation to renew the air.


Office desk Plexiglass screens

Office desk Acrylic Plexiglass screens are essential to protect against Covid 19 and other viruses by creating a barrier that prevents saliva droplets from spreading from one person to another, thus avoiding the danger of contagion.

These effective protective barriers can be ordered quickly and easily through our online shop. Before doing so, you should know that methacrylate is very resistant and allows a view on both sides.

The assembly is really easy, as is the maintenance. In fact, all you need to do is clean it with alcohol or hydroalcoholic gel. Make sure you do this as soon as you install it and regularly to ensure maximum safety.

At Plastic Express we are experts in providing these types of elements, which are nowadays essential in offices. We know how to adapt perfectly to each of our clients’ needs and we offer a professional team that will be able to assess you in the best way possible.


Anti-contagion screens for shops and hairdressing salons

Standing acrylic Plexiglass screens have been designed to meet today’s needs in the face of the Covid 19 pandemic. Many shops, hairdressers and catering businesses have required the use of partitioning screens in order to continue their business.

Thus, at Plastic Express we wanted to adapt perfectly to the current context, offering you precisely what you need. The existence of these separating screens will benefit you so that your customers feel comfortable and safe. With these elements they will not feel so exposed to contagion and your business will transmit security, which leads to success.

This type of anti-contagion screen is suitable for all those businesses whose customers need to stay for some time in the premises, even allowing the possibility of lowering the mask at some point in time.

They are perfect to be placed between the chairs in the salon. In this way we separate clients and staff from each other, which is essential because at certain times it is possible not to wear a mask. The same is true for shops or any self-respecting business such as a pharmacy. In this way, both employees and customers will be protected, avoiding the risk of multiple contagion.


Plexiglass screens for the industrial sector

The industrial sector requires different protection elements to avoid contagion among its workers. In this line of work there are several common spaces, from the typical assembly lines to order handling areas, offices or resting areas.

At Plastic Express we know how important it is to protect people and to make this possible we have different models of protective screens that allow you to divide each workstation, room or space. Best of all, they will create a physical barrier between employees without creating a visual obstacle.

Since the pandemic began, we have followed the recommendations of the health authorities very closely and this is one of the most effective ways to overcome the spread of the virus. Keeping a safe physical distance and taking preventive measures is the least we can do to get back to business as usual, trying to normalise the situation.

Protective screens are the perfect ally to prevent and stop the spread of the virus. By preventing the spread of the virus, you are not only protecting your employees and customers, you are also protecting society as a whole.


Buy your anti-contagion screens made of methacrylate or polycarbonate at Plastic Express

WHO and different governmental entities advise us to avoid contact between people to prevent the spread of the virus. Well, having the help of a simple Plexiglass protective screens counter screen is one of the most effective measures to be installed in offices, shops and hairdressing salons, places where we usually interact.

This virus will pass and we want to make it easier for you with elements that really work. We offer quality materials suitable to create anti-contagion screens adapted to every need.

Both methacrylate PMMA Acrylic plastic and polycarbonate are ideal surfaces to prevent contagion. Their lightness, strength and flexibility are essential to create different options that are fully accessible. We have a wide range of protective screens, call us and we will inform you in detail!