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Mirrored Plexiglass

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    Technical specifications

    – Weather resistance.
    – It is a material 20 times more flexible than glass of the same thickness.
    – Light material.
    – Resistance to breakage: it can be 10 times more resistant to breakage than glass.
    – Thermoformable: limited to straight lines bent with application of local heat.
    – Easy to handle, scratch, power saw with sheet metal type blades and drill with soft metal bits or specialty bits.
    – Can be glued on the edge like standard methacrylate.


    Mirror acrylic plastic is a type of thermoplastic that offers reflection. It is also lightweight and weather resistant. This material is perfect for any application where you need to have the sharpness of a mirror, but prefer the strength of perspex or acrylic plastic.

    At Plastic Express we manufacture mirror acrylic plastic articles, so that you can make your vision come to life, always with the best quality materials and at a very reasonable price. Come and discover the features of mirror acrylic plastic for bespoke mirrors!

    Characteristics of mirror acrylic plastic for made-to-measure mirrors

    Mirror acrylic plastic is a type of material that resembles glass, but is made of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), a transparent thermoplastic. These are the main characteristics that you will find in a mirror acrylic sheet:

    • Reflectivity: The first characteristic, of course, is reflectivity. Mirror acrylic plastic has a high capacity to reflect light, which makes it capable of reflecting similarly to a glass mirror. 
    • Lightweight: Acrylic Plastic is about half the weight of glass, which makes it much easier to handle and transport.
    • Breakage resistance: Although it is not unbreakable, it is less prone to splintering or shattering compared to glass. This makes it safer in most applications.
    • Flexibility: Mirror Plexiglass is more flexible than regular glass, so it is less likely to break on impact. This flexibility is also perfect for moulding the material into different shapes and sizes, through processes such as laser cutting and mirror acrylic plastic engraving, CNC machining, polishing and buffing, perspex bending, gluing, thermoforming and embossing, as well as acrylic plastic printing.
    • UV resistance: Less likely to turn yellow or lose transparency over time when exposed to direct sunlight.
    • Multiple options: There are several options to modify mirror acrylic plastic and adapt it to your needs. For example: 2mm mirror plexiglass, 1mm mirror acrylic plastic, coloured mirror plexiglass, etc.
    • More features: These are some other features of mirror acrylic plastic: high thermal and acoustic resistance, does not give off toxic gases when burning, halogen free and high molecular weight.

    Uses of mirror acrylic plastic for mirrors

    Acrylic plastic mirror is one of the most versatile plastic materials on the market and, therefore, you can use it in any of the projects you have, whether they are industrial or domestic. We leave you with some examples:

    • Interior decoration.
    • Furniture with reflective surfaces.
    • Commercial and public signage.
    • Displays and shop windows.
    • Interior design in automobiles.
    • Bathroom mirrors.
    • Gymnasium mirrors.
    • Dance mirrors.
    • Mirrors for security applications.
    • Outdoor mirrors.
    • Architectural mirrors.
    • Event and exhibition mirrors.
    • Beauty salon mirrors.
    • Dressing room and dressing room mirrors.
    • Mirrors in lifts and common areas of buildings.
    • Vanity mirrors.
    • Mirrors in waiting and reception rooms.
    • Mirrors in restaurants and bars.
    • Mirrors for art and theatre installations.
    • Mirrors in fashion shops and fitting rooms.

    Buy your mirror acrylic plastic for mirrors at Plastic Express

    At Plastic Express we are experts in all the plastic materials that exist and one of the most requested by our customers is mirror acrylic plastic. This is not only because of the good characteristics it has or the multiple applications that are available, but also thanks to the low price we offer.

    We are dedicated to manufacturing and wholesaling all our products, with top quality materials. But we also offer advice on your projects, thanks to the professional team that will help you select the best material and the necessary handling to carry out your ideas.

    In our online shop you will be able to find and purchase all the products you need in specific sizes. If these measurements fit your project, you will simply have to wait for them to be delivered to your home. In case your project is a bit more ambitious and you need custom-made acrylic plastic sheets, you will have to ask for a quotation.

    In order to get an accurate quote for your custom-made mirror acrylic plastic sheets, please write to [email protected] indicating the material you are interested in and the project you have in mind. Remember that if you are an industry professional, you can get special discounts through the form on our website.