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Acrylic Displays for window dressing

Window displays are one of the best marketing tools you can use in your establishment. A good window display should be eye-catching for the customer and at the same time present the products they need in a clean and tidy way.

Below, we show you the best acrylic displays for window dressing that we have at Plastic Express so that your shop window is an eye-catcher for people passing by on the street.

Customised displays at Plastic Express: your made-to-measure order

At Plastic Express we are committed to our customers to always offer the best acrylic Pelxiglass products at the best price. We have several products in stock with pre-determined measurements, but if your project is a little more ambitious and you need us to make your item to measure, simply contact us to start working together.

These are the different acrylic displays that we manufacture so that you can choose the one that best suits your shop window. Remember that the aim is for your products to look good and give an image of order and cleanliness that will encourage your customers to invest in your brand.

Acrylic plexiglas stair display

The stair-shaped methacrylate display stand is ideal for displaying your objects in a specific hierarchical order of your choice.

The most eye-catching products that you are most interested in selling should be at the top and let the customer’s eyes slide down the ladder until they reach the ones you are not so interested in. It is ideal for use in establishments such as jewellery shops.

Sweet shop display box

The candy shop display box is the most hygienic way to keep all your sweets separated by flavours whilst making sure that the customer can see them perfectly.

Acrylic plastic has a very good optical quality, so your box will be completely transparent. The lid on the top will allow you to have easy access to the product inside the display.

Acrylic collection display case

This collection display case is ideal for storing delicate items in the safest way. Acrylic Plexiglass is a very resistant material that can withstand knocks, accidents, humidity, temperature changes, etc.

Your collector’s item will not suffer any damage and it will be visible to everyone, as it is a completely transparent material.

Acrylic stand

The acrylic stand can be made in different sizes and different shapes. These are products that will give a very modern touch to your shop window and will ensure that the space is very well used and organised.

Stands can be placed at different heights to display different products. As they are made of transparent acrylic plastic they will be very resistant and will give a unique aesthetic touch to your shop window.

Personalised shoe displays

Personalised shoe displays are not only useful in shoe shop windows, but also look great in clothing or sports shops.

Their slight inclination will ensure that the shoe can be seen perfectly from the other side of the shop window and the customer will stop if the shoe has caught his attention. We make display stands in different sizes depending on the feet size you want to display or the type of shoe you sell.

Displays for mobile phones

Mobile phone displays are one of the places where you have to put more focus if you sell these products. Mobile phone display stands will help you keep all your phones perfectly tidy and clean so that the customer can see at a glance which one is the one he is most interested in.

In addition, thanks to these displays, users will be able to try the product without having to hold it in their hands.

Acrylic price holder display stand

One of the most important things when designing your shop window is to decide whether you want customers to see the prices of your products or not. When a person knows the price of something, they are automatically more interested in purchasing the item in a practical manner.

When they don’t know the price, on the other hand, everything remains a dream that doesn’t come true. With the methacrylate price display, you can show your customers the price of each of your products in a clean and tidy way. There are two types of price display stands:

  • Complex: It has a space at the top so you can put the small object you are selling and indicate the price.
  • Simple: It is flat and is supported by a lower base. You will have to put it in front of your items for sale.

Now you know more about the acrylic display stands for window dressing that we have at Plastic Express, take a look at our website and choose the one that best suits your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you need a customised quote. Remember that if you are a professional in the sector, you can count on additional discounts to make your projects a reality.