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Methacrylate candy display

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At Plastic Express we are experts in creating objects with all types of plastics, but one of the materials we work with the most is clear Plexiglass, due to its good results and the ease with which it can be handled. One of its many applications is the creation of custom-made sweet display boxes, for which it has some ideal characteristics.

What is a sweet display box? 

A Plexiglass sweet display box is a piece that will help you to visually communicate a message to your customers. That is to say, in this case, it will allow you to show the sweets inside the transparent box, so that all customers can see them and they are presented as appetising to their tongues.

It is a transparent and very light box that can display any type of sweets, positioning them at a high level, easy to see at a glance. This type of sweet display box is not only useful for sales, but will give your shop window a modern and subtle touch.

The sweet display box is a window display item made entirely of colourless cast acrylic plexiglass, which allows you to create an object with excellent optical characteristics and perfect transparency. The two parts that make up this sweets dispenser are the transparent box, which functions as a base, and the lid.

Different production processes, such as Plexiglass laser cutting and glueing were used during the production of this clear display stand for sweets.

How to use a sweet display box

Sweet display boxes have many applications. Based on objects similar to these, used to display products for customers, at Plastic Express we have created a line of Plexiglass window dressing items that you can buy through our online shop.

These are some of the applications you can find for this methacrylate box for sweets:

  • Sweets shop: Of course, sweets shops are the first of the applications for this type of transparent boxes. In the display you can place the type of sweets you are most interested in, to have them in sight and within reach of your customers, so that they can pick them in an easy and comfortable way.
  • Shop windows: Shop windows with transparent objects are now used in many shops, so that the product you want to display does not have any visual interference.
  • POS: This term refers to “Point of Sale Advertising”. This is the new marketing technique used by shops, as they believe that if they present their product well, they won’t need to do anything else to get customers to come in and buy it.
  • Collectibles: Keep your most prized collectibles protected with this sturdy Plexigalss box that will keep the items inside from getting dirty or damaged.
  • High-value displays: The same goes for valuable items. This methacrylate box will allow you to display them, without them being in direct contact with external factors, such as air, temperature changes, friction from people, knocks, etc.
  • Electronic shops: Electronic devices that are displayed in a shop must be well protected, as their systems are very delicate and we must prevent them from getting dusty.
  • Opticians’ shops: Spectacles are also other delicate objects that must be protected whenever they are on display. Imagine creating a display of the best range of glasses you have in your establishment, so that customers can get as close as they want, but they are always kept protected.
  • Jewellery shops: Protect the most precious jewellery in your jewellery shop and display them with the certainty that they will not suffer any accidents or be ruined by the dust in the environment.
  • Shoe shops: You can also use this type of methacrylate boxes to display your shoes in a modern and different way in your shop window.

Other applications: decoration, stands, boutiques, etc.

How to order a custom-made Plexiglass sweet display box?

As mentioned above, at Plastic Express we are experts in making all kinds of items with plastic materials such as Plexiglass. Take a look at our website and choose the items you like the most from the wide catalogue we have in stock.

But if your project is a bit more ambitious and you need custom-made candy displays, you can ask our team for an estimate without any kind of obligation. Simply send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

In the subject you should indicate the material and the article you are interested in, in this case: display stand for sweets.

In the body of the email you should explain a little more about your project, such as the measurements you need or any extra requirements you may have.

Finally, we would like to remind you that, if you are a professional in the industry, you can get special discounts by filling in our quote form for professionals. This way you will be able to carry out any project you can imagine, always at the best price.