Custom plastic materials and products
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At Plastic Express we manufacture and sell plastic and methacrylate articles, and we have extensive experience in this sector. With our machinery equipped with the latest technology, we can carry out very precise finishes in both small productions and large series. The fact that we are manufacturers of the products we sell means that we can adapt to any request and that the final cost is much better for the customer, always demanding the highest quality and taste for detail.

Over the years, this good work has given us the endorsement of major firms worldwide, making us an international benchmark in the sector. We want to put at your disposal all our experience, technology and knowledge, to make it easier for you to buy the bulk product dispenser you are looking for.

Bulk Dispensers

Plexiglass acrylic plastic boxes and displays are ideal for storing, sorting and displaying all types of unpackaged and bulk products. At Plastic Express, we offer you a wide range of top quality Plexiglass displays and bulk dispensers with innovative technology to meet all your needs. We manufacture custom made Plexiglas bulk dispensers, adapting to the space you have. If you are wondering where to buy bulk dispensers, here is your answer. At Plastic Express we create a product for every need.

Why choose Plexiglass acrylic plastic as commercial equipment for food dispensers and displays?

Unlike glass bulk dispensers, Plexiglass acrylic plastic offers much higher impact resistance. In fact, all its characteristics make it perfect as a display and dispenser for bulk products. Our Plexiglass is colourless and optically transparent, making it the perfect object for food to be viewed without interference and in all its glory. Unlike other materials, methacrylate does not turn yellow and is highly resistant to ageing. Not to mention the fact that it is as strong as it is light and easy to transport, lift and place.

  • Excellent optical quality
  • High resistance to outdoor conditions
  • High impact resistance
  • Thermal and acoustic resistance
  • Excellent resistance to ageing
  • Easy handling
  • Much lighter than glass
  • Does not give off toxic gases in the event of burning

It is clear that each product has its own needs. Nuts and dried fruit do not need the same display as sweets, a whole coffee bean does not have the same needs as a ground coffee bean. That is why at Plastic Express we offer you the ideal solution for each product with our acrylic plastic displays and our Plexiglass food dispensers.

Acrylic plexiglas food display stands and displays

These are Plexiglass food display boxes for plastic-free products. These custom-made acrylic boxes are ideal for storing and arranging the products you sell in bulk. Moreover, as we custom-make them, we can adapt to your needs and the space you have available.

 All of them are made of colourless Plexiglass with a very high optical sharpness, which allows you to see the products clearly and without interference. We offer you different models and shapes: with hinged lids, square, angled to facilitate display without reflections… All the features you need to make your acrylic plastic food display stand fit the product you want to sell. In addition, these Plexiglass displays for bulk products can be made to measure and with the number of modules and length you need

Gravity dispensers

Plexiglas dispensers have the optimum characteristics for hygienic storage, display and dispensing of bulk products. This material is one of the few that is approved for use with food products such as cereals, grains, fruit, sweets and nuts. But at Plastic Express we have gone a step further, and with a patented technology we have the best product for each type of food. Dry products and sticky products have very different characteristics, so we have designed specific bulk dispensers to achieve a perfect result depending on what you want to introduce. 

Moreover, its resistance to all kinds of impacts and external aggressions makes it a very smart choice if you are going to expose the products to the public. It will protect the food -both from the outside and from the sun-, it will resist knocks and scratches -maintaining a good image of the product- and it is easy to clean with the simple use of a damp cloth. 

Our Plexiglass gravity dispensers for bulk sale have different capacities and sizes, with which we can adapt to all types of food and customers:

  • Bulk dry fruit dispensers
  • Bulk cereal dispensers
  • Bulk vegetable dispensers
  • Bulk dispensers for supermarkets
  • Bulk spice dispensers
  • Bulk coffee dispensers

Bulk food dispensers: safety is assured

All products that come into contact with food must pass strict safety procedures. As Plexiglas is a totally innocuous and safe element, is one of the few materials with which it is legally permitted to manufacture objects that may come into contact with or contain food. 

The surface of acrylic plastic is impermeable and hygienic, as it has no pores, it is impossible for fungi and bacteria to accumulate, and it is very easy to clean. So much so that methacrylate dispensers can hold food indefinitely without transferring flavours or odours at temperatures of up to 40ºC.

All our methacrylate dispensers and displays are BPA free and comply with all EU and FDA controlled food contact material regulations.