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Square methacrylate box

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Our square acrylic box is used to organise, display and protect your products or belongings. This subtle and transparent box brings a minimalist style that blends in perfectly with any type of furniture.

Made entirely of clear cast acrylic plexiglas, the square storage box is an object with unique optical characteristics. It consists of an acrylic plastic plate in the shape of a square and four other plates surrounding it. In addition, its lid consists of another square-shaped PMMA acrylic plate and a small lid to pull it open easily.

Do you need a square acrylic box? At Plastic Express we will design, manufacture and ship as many items as you need. The idea is to help you get the shape that best suits your project. 

We work with high-precision, state-of-the-art technology during the manufacturing process to guarantee the quality of our products. In fact, during the transformation of these boxes and ballots, we use advanced processes of acrylic laser cutting and acrylic gluing. In addition, you can complement your box as you need with digital printing designs, specific closing systems or highly durable and resistant hinges, among other complements. 


Characteristics and applications of an acrylic square storage box

Acrylic square storage boxes have a multitude of different uses. Their design, resistance and the possibility of manufacturing them in different sizes make them an essential product for many businesses, whatever their type. 

One of the most outstanding characteristics of acrylic plexiglas plastic is its versatility, allowing you to give it the desired shape without any problem. If you are looking for square storage boxes, we have what you need, so that the contents you wish to store are as natural as possible. They are perfect for storing books, shoes or electronic equipment, among many other things. 

Acrylic square boxes can also be used as promotional gifts. Since we can create any size, it can be the perfect packaging for any valuable gift. If you have an effective marketing plan in mind to thank your customers for their loyalty or to attract the attention of potential buyers, this is a great option to add value to your product. In addition, it is possible to include a logo or message so that users can always relate the box to the company. 

A square acrylic storage box can also be used as a display. Its material allows you to see everything inside, and the elements that have the ideal shape to be placed inside will be visible, as well as protected. 

In this sense, square acrylic storage boxes are also used to protect devices or objects stored inside, such as a tablet or mobile device. That way they will be safe from bumps and dirt. The only thing you need to know is to choose the perfect size so that the items fit inside without any problems. 

Also, square acrylic boxes can be assembled on top of each other as a shelf. Undoubtedly, this is the best way for products of the same category, such as shoes, to look tidy and eye-catching. In this case, we are talking about decorative display cabinets, whose square shape is perfectly suited to the article in question.  

In short, the options offered by these square storage boxes designed with acrylic plastic are numerous. However, it is also possible to combine them with other shapes if we need to store or display different types of products. 

They are ideal for any self-respecting shop or commercial business, although they can also be used in private homes. It should not be forgotten that these boxes are very aesthetic and will bring a fresh and modern air to the environment, regardless of the type of decoration. 

What are their main applications? The following list lists different possibilities to give you an idea of their full potential:


  • Interior design
  • Decoration
  • Sweet shops
  • Jewellery
  • Culinary
  • Office utensils
  • Study utensils
  • Room organisation
  • Product display
  • Window dressing
  • Stand for decorative items
  • Colourless stand


From a collection of selected items, Plastic Express has created a line of attractive storage boxes and ballots.  If you are interested in purchasing a square box, you can do so through our online shop.

If you need this item in different sizes, ask us for a quote through our website or send us an email to [email protected] providing some essential information in the subject line: the item you are interested in and the material of manufacture. In this case, it would be a square acrylic storage box. Do not forget to include the number of units and measurements in the body of the message. 


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