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Matt black and white methacrylate

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    Technical specifications

    – Plates up to 3000x2000mm.
    – 3mm thick.
    – It does not let the light pass.
    – Resistant to the effects of the sun, humidity and small blows.
    – Easy cleaning and disinfection.
    – Supports cutting with a saw or laser.


    Opaque acrylic plastic sheets are an unbeatable choice in a wide range of fields, from interior design to industry and visual communication. Its properties make it ideal for a wide range of functions, as it is a material that allows a great deal of customisation when processed, as well as offering excellent chemical and mechanical properties. 

    At Plastic Express we are going to tell you about our black and white opaque acrylic plastic, one of the most popular solutions to date.

    Characteristics of opaque acrylic plastic

    Opaque acrylic plastic shares practically all the properties of the most commonly used acrylic plastic, transparent plexiglass, with this last characteristic being the main difference: opaque methacrylate does not allow light to pass through it and, therefore, has its own colour, which can be adapted according to the needs of each project. 

    • It is a material with a high resistance to impact, making it ideal for both professional and domestic use, in areas subject to regular wear and tear and a high probability of knocks. 
    • It is also an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator, which is why it is commonly used in walls and partitions, thus creating more airtight and energy-efficient environments. 
    • Its great resistance to ultraviolet rays and weathering makes it very suitable for exteriors, as after 10 years of exposure there are no visible changes in its surface: it maintains its original tone and does not deteriorate. 
    • It is also a very hard plastic material and quite safe in fires, as its combustion does not produce toxic gases, although it is flammable. 
    • It is also a fairly light material compared to glass, weighing approximately half as much as glass. This makes it much easier and safer to use, transport and install. 
    • In addition, it is a halogen-free material, and it is also very easy to machine and thermoform, which allows projects to be customised much more easily than with other materials that are less flexible in this respect. 

    Taking all this into account, we find its industrial use in machinery protection, advertising signs, acoustic barriers and screens, moulded parts, furniture and a large number of everyday objects.

    Black or white acrylic plastic. You choose

    We can work your opaque acrylic plastic in different options. The most basic are black acrylic plastic and white acrylic plastic, although these can be offered in different finishes, such as gloss black acrylic plastic or matte black acrylic plastic, as well as gloss black acrylic plastic. 

    Their use will depend on the aesthetic preferences you have for the project you intend to undertake, which in any case will benefit from being able to count on custom-made black or white acrylic plastic.

    Your black or white opaque Plexiglass at Plastic Express

    At Plastic Express we work with acrylic plastic in all its forms according to the client’s needs. 

    We manufacture different types of plexiglass in our own workshops, which gives us much greater flexibility when it comes to adapting to the unique requirements of each project in terms of the characteristics and measurements of our acrylic sheets, bars and tubes

    From there, we deliver orders all over Europe on a daily basis, without sacrificing a fast and high quality local service for those who are closest to us. You can find out more about our range of products and services in our online shop, or come and visit us at our plastic showroom in person in Barcelona, where we will be happy to assist you and inform you about that project you have in mind. 

    You can also contact us by filling in the form on the website with your contact details and all possible information about your project, so that we can contact you as soon as possible with the most accurate quote possible. 

    In our online shop you can find our entire range of standardised products for sale to both private individuals and professionals. If your case is the latter, we have specific budgets for professionals, because we know how important it is to have good conditions for your business. 

    You only have to send us an email to [email protected] indicating in the subject Budget for professionals + the material you are interested in. In the body of the email include all the necessary information to prepare your order form, such as VAT number, name and surname or company, contact telephone and email, address and all the details of the project, the more detailed the better.