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Acrylic plexiglas shoe display stands

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An acrylic shoe display stand is a transparent and light piece of visual communication. Its mission is to display any type of shoe or bag by providing support and height. In addition, it adds a modern and subtle touch to your shop window with acrylic items.

Made entirely of colourless cast acrylic plastic, this shoe display stand is an object with unique optical characteristics, perfect to make sure the product it supports will take centre stage. It is made up of a single piece, a single acrylic sheet which is curved several times at different angles.

To make this possible, the efficient processes of acrylic laser cutting and Plexiglass bending were used during the manufacture of this window dressing item.

What are acrylic shoe displays?

We want to help you decorate your shoe shop, while at the same time equipping your premises with essential elements that will serve to place and display the most outstanding models of footwear on sale.

The simplest and most discreet footwear displays are the ones that usually give the best results. In this sense, methacrylate shoe displays are economical and extremely functional so that you can immediately remove the products sold and place the new models quickly and easily. 

In short, they are ideal elements that are used to highlight footwear items, so that they look beautiful, without anything around them that could distract the customer’s attention. In any shop window or shoe shop, it is necessary to have different levels that provide height to display shoes, and the best option is acrylic display stands due to their hardness and transparency

What are acrylic shoe displays used for?

These display stands are especially useful to create all kinds of compositions and through them you can show the inside of the shoes, as well as the soles and sides. The bases we show you are designed to stand upright, regardless of the flat surface used, whether it is the floor or a shelf. 

The main aim is that you can display the products to your public and highlight the models or parts of the footwear that you are interested in. In addition, they have different uses and these are some of their most outstanding applications:

  • Shop windows
  • POS
  • Collecting
  • Displays of high-value items
  • Electronic shops
  • Shoe shops
  • Decoration
  • Stands
  • Boutiques

From a collection of articles selected by our team, at Plastic Express we have created a line of acrylic window display items specially designed for you.  If you are interested in buying a shoe display you can do so through our online shop, although if you need something more specific, we invite you to contact our team and let us know your ideas.

How to order custom-made shoe display stands?  Plastic Express

An acrylic shoe rack may be just what you need to show the world your latest collection. Our shoe display stands are made from a particularly durable and resistant material, making them ideal for any location, such as shelves, shop windows or counters.

You can use just one to catch the eye of passers-by in an eye-catching window display, or use several to bring different models to life inside a shop. Our intention is that your public is attracted to your footwear and wants to try it on.  

The best thing is that we have a wide variety of displays to adapt to all kinds of products, whether they are single or multiple for one or more shoes, T-shaped, horizontal or vertical. In this way, your acrylic shoe display will always be organised and in perfect order.   

We also offer you different sizes adapted to all designs for women, men or children. We have standard sizes, although you can also have your own made-to-measure acrylic shoe rack

If you need to buy several different displays, in our shop we have many possibilities, with designs of different sizes, heights and positions. As experts in the manufacturing of window dressing products for commercial furniture, if you do not find what you are looking for, trust in our professionalism and together we will find the best solution. 

In case you need a methacrylate item with different measures than the models shown, you can request a custom quote here or send us an email by email [email protected] with the following information:

In the subject, indicate the article in which you are interested and the material such as, for example, shoe display stand + methacrylate

Finally, remember that if you are a professional in the industry, you can get special discounts by accessing the budget for professionals form.