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ABS plastic made to measure

ABS, also known as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is a plastic that offers great resistance to impact and is widely used mainly in the automotive field, although it is also used by industries and individual purposes.


Below, we tell you all about ABS and how you can get your ABS sheets made to measure.


ABS plastic: features and characteristics

ABS is commonly referred to as engineering plastic, because the creation process that has to be carried out to obtain this type of plastic is much more complex than that needed for other types. That is because it is composed of many elements that must be perfectly joined together.


As a result, we obtain one of the most resistant plastics and, therefore, one of the most used for products that are likely to suffer some kind of blow. The main characteristic of this plastic material is its toughness: it is capable of deforming long before breaking its structure, so it can withstand extreme situations without breaking.


Tenacity is a much more difficult property to withstand at low temperatures. In cold weather all materials break more easily, but ABS is able to keep its toughness capabilities intact down to a temperature of -40º. In addition to its main characteristic, ABS has many other qualities:

  • Has good impact resistance
  • Resists well when moulded using heat
  • It has good mechanical strength: it can be modified with tools without breaking.
  • It has good chemical resistance: it can be modified with chemicals without breaking.
  • Its composition is rigid
  • It has minimal deformation over time.
  • When inked, the colour adheres very well in a homogeneous way.
  • It has a medium fluidity
  • The product is homogeneous in structure and composition.
  • It has a very good surface quality, suitable for working on it
  • It can be modified in shape through thermoforming
  • Certain textures can be acquired in its surface finish
  • Colours can be chosen to measure


All these characteristics have led to ABS having many applications in both industrial and domestic fields. These are some of the applications for which custom-made ABS is used:


  • Automotive industry: In the automotive industry it is very important to use materials that deform as much as possible before breaking. This protects both the driver and pedestrians in the event of an accident.


  • Machine covers: Industrial machines are often used at high temperatures when they are in operation for a long period of time. They need to be covered with a material that does not deform easily when heated and can continue to be used.


  • Short-run prototyping: ABS is used to make prototypes that are easy to mould with thermoforming and then use the right plastics for that project.


  • Food contact applications: As a plastic that does not emit toxic residues when in contact with heat, cold or moisture, it is ideal for packaging food in a safe and hygienic way.


  • Appliance casings: Appliances must withstand shocks and temperature changes for many years, which is why their casings are made of ABS.


  • Refrigerator doors: Refrigerator doors are exposed to constant low temperatures and have to be made of a resistant material such as ABS so that their structure does not break due to the cold.


  • Luggage: Luggage is one of the products that takes the most knocks and temperature changes and is where you store your valuables. Thanks to ABS, luggage can fulfil its protective function in an excellent way.


Purchase your ABS at Plástic Express

To buy ABS all you have to do is go to the Plástic Express website and order your ABS plastic sheets in the sizes you need according to the stock we have. But if you are planning a more ambitious project and you need us to make you an ABS plate with specific measurements adapted to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us.


To contact us you should write an email to [email protected] explaining a bit about your needs and indicating in the subject what is the material you want to buy custom-made, in this case: custom-made ABS. In this way we will read the content of your email and we will study your needs to give you a budget adapted to you with prices as adjusted as possible.