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Transparent PETG

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    Technical specifications

    – Great transparency and chromatic stability.
    – High resistance to impact and traction.
    – Good resistance to chemicals.
    – Under weight.
    – Flexibility.
    – Recyclable material.
    – Exceptional dimensional stability.
    – Resistance to heat and thermal wear.
    – Great resistance to wear.


    PETG is one of the most versatile and resistant materials for 3D printing, as well as accepting modifications very well, making printing as easy as possible. Its popularity has been booming in recent years and more and more printing services are looking for this material due to its good properties.

    At Plastic Express we want to help you make the projects you have in mind a reality and that is why we present you with our transparent PETG, the material you can give all the shapes you can imagine.

    The properties of transparent PETG

    A transparent PETG sheet is one of the best materials on the market, thanks to its mechanical properties. So that you can see for yourself, we have made a selection of its best characteristics:

    The properties of transparent PETG

    A transparent PETG sheet is one of the best materials on the market, thanks to its mechanical properties. So that you can see it, we have made a selection of its best characteristics:

    • Rigidity: Rigidity is the grade of difficulty in which a material to be deformed; i.e. bent, stretched, etc. A transparent PETG sheet is less rigid than other plastic materials, therefore, it is more elastic and can be worked more easily.
    • General strength: A transparent PETG glass sheet is more resistant to shocks, stresses and is more difficult to break than other materials currently in use. In addition, the greater adhesion of the layers to each other makes this material practically unbreakable.
    • Thermal resistance: Finally, we will talk about the thermal resistance offered by a transparent PETG sheet. This material begins to soften at 80º, so outside temperatures will have practically no effect on it. In addition, this material can withstand low temperatures for long periods of time.
    • Chemical resistance: PETG is very stable and chemically resistant to acid attack, making it a very safe material.
    • Transparency: PETG in its natural state allows about 90% of light to pass through, so it is a very transparent material. Plastics with translucent colours leave a shiny finish to the parts and conceal any streaks that may be visible between the layers.
    • It is recyclable: As it is a material used in bottles and food packaging, the infrastructure for recycling PETG has already been created. In Spain, this plastic should be thrown in the yellow bin and the pieces will be recycled without any problem.

    Thanks to these properties, PETG is not only used to make 3D printing filament, but has many more applications. For example in the field of Visual Communication (interior signs, displays, moulded parts, etc.), in the world of safety and transport (bicycle helmets, visors, etc.) and in the industrial and machinery sector (glued parts, moulds for food, packaging, etc.).

    Choose the colour of transparent PETG you like the most

    At Plastic Express we manufacture made-to-measure PETG articles in the colour of your choice, applying the following processes to the material:

    • Laser cutting and engraving
    • CNC machining
    • Polishing and polishing
    • Folding
    • Gluing
    • Thermoforming and deep drawing
    • Printing on PETG

    This allows each piece we create to be unique for our customers and allows them to choose all the aesthetic characteristics they want their plastic to meet, such as the colour: blue, red, yellow, pink, orange, white, etc.

    Buy your transparent PETG at Plastic Express

    Plastic Express is your trusted manufacturer of plastic materials and on our website you can find all the services and manufacturing processes that will allow you to get your hands on the custom plastic items you want. In our catalogue you will be able to see all the pieces we have in stock and buy them easily.

    However, if your project is a bit more ambitious and you need to buy plastic parts of a specific size or colour, you can contact us to create your custom-made piece. Send an e-mail to [email protected], indicating the material you are interested in, in this case transparent PETG, and the requirements you are looking for.

    Our team will get to work to send you the most accurate quotation, without obligation. In this way, you will not have to adjust your projects to the material you find on the market, but everything you do will become an exact replica of what was in your mind, thanks to the custom-made plastic.

    If you have any doubts, our team of professionals will advise you on the most suitable material for your project. Enter our website and discover everything we have for you!