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Cellular Polycarbonate Profiles

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    Technical specifications

    – Profiles type H 6000 mm long
    – Profiles type U 2010 mm in length.
    – 10 years warranty
    – Light
    – Simple handling and assembly.
    – Good rigidity


    The search for innovative and efficient materials in the construction and architectural design business has led to an increase in the popularity of versatile and durable materials. In this regard, cellular polycarbonate profiles have become a prominent choice that combines durability, flexibility, and many other unique benefits.

    At Plastic Express, we want to explain everything you need to know about cellular polycarbonate profiles, including their properties, applications, and the role they play in the creation of modern structures.

    What are Cellular Polycarbonate Profiles Used For?

    Cellular polycarbonate profiles have a crucial role in various applications due to their unique properties. Their versatility and durability have made them the material of choice in the construction and architecture industries. In general terms, these polycarbonate profiles serve as structural elements that offer efficient and long-lasting solutions in a variety of contexts.

    Their ability to provide thermal insulation, impact resistance, and uniform light transmission makes them a valuable component in creating functional, modern, and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

    Cellular polycarbonate profiles not only meet demanding strength standards but also offer flexibility in their application, adapting perfectly to the diverse design needs of customers.

    Areas of Application for Cellular Polycarbonate

    Cellular polycarbonate profiles are used in various areas thanks to their versatile and functional properties. Here are some key application areas for this material:

    • Roofing and Canopies: Cellular polycarbonate is used in the construction of roofs and canopies to take advantage of its ability to allow natural light while offering impact resistance and thermal insulation.
    • Architectural Lighting: Due to their ability to evenly diffuse light, these profiles are used in architectural lighting systems to create aesthetically pleasing and functional environments.
    • Partitions and Enclosures: Profiles are used to create interior partitions and enclosures in residential and commercial spaces, transparently separating areas and allowing light passage.
    • Translucent Facades: In architectural projects, cellular polycarbonate profiles are applied in translucent facades, providing a modern appearance and utilizing natural light.
    • Greenhouses and Agriculture: These profiles are ideal for greenhouse construction, providing uniform diffusion of sunlight, essential for proper plant growth.
    • Advertising and Signage: In the manufacturing of signs and advertising panels, profiles are used to create durable and attractive surfaces with internal illumination.
    • Furniture Construction: Thanks to their strength and lightweight properties, they are used in the fabrication of furniture and decorative elements, adding a contemporary and functional touch.
    • Sustainable Housing: In sustainable construction projects, cellular polycarbonate profiles are used to maximize natural light entry, reducing the reliance on artificial lighting and improving energy efficiency, contributing to environmental conservation.

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