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Colorless polycarbonate

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    Technical specifications

    – Offers very high impact resistance.
    – Resistance to high temperatures.
    – Great transparency.
    – High light transmission.
    – Precision in thickness tolerance.
    – Optimized for exterior applications.


    In many industries, it is important to carefully select the type of material to use for each project in order to take advantage of its unique characteristics. One of the most commonly used materials is transparent polycarbonate. Not only is it lightweight, but it is also easy to install and work with.

    At Plastic Express, we are committed to helping you choose the most suitable thermoplastic for your needs. To that end, we present the key features of transparent polycarbonate and its main applications.


    Characteristics of Transparent Polycarbonate:

    Compact polycarbonate is a type of thermoplastic that boasts superior durability compared to acrylics. Its transparent nature offers optical qualities that are highly beneficial for any project.

    Transparent polycarbonate sheets are heat and impact resistant, making them the ideal choice for both home and business decoration. Their strength is derived from a monolithic sheet that is composed of two layers – a honeycomb layer and a solid ribbed layer.


    Transparent polycarbonate roofing is one of the most popular applications of this material, thanks to its ability to maximise natural light while providing protection from inclement weather.

    Some of its main characteristics are: 

    • Easy to mould
    • Good illumination
    • Thermal insulation
    • Light weight
    • Low cost
    • 250 times more resistant to impact and falling objects than glass
    • Long durability
    • good colour quality over time


    Uses of Transparent Polycarbonate:

    Transparent polycarbonate sheets offer a wide range of applications across many different businesses.

    Architecture and Construction:

    The high light transmission, thermal insulation, and adaptability to various surfaces (such as wood or aluminium) make transparent polycarbonate sheets ideal for the architecture and construction industry. They are commonly used for glazing windows, roofing for buildings, industrial plants, houses, offices, shops, terraces, warehouses, greenhouses, and swimming pools. Additionally, they are used to replace brick partitions to improve the use of natural light.


    Transparent polycarbonate is a versatile material that is lightweight, moldable, and virtually unbreakable. It is used in almost all industrial sectors due to its non-toxic nature. It is commonly found in the production of computers, compact discs, mobile phones, spectacles, lights, headlights, mirrors, telephone booths, incubators, nautical accessories, armoured separators for taxis, bank windows, and police shields, among other products.

    Window Dressing:

    Designers often use transparent polycarbonate for its innovative finishes, especially in urban and office furniture. It is also used in signage, illuminated signs, and advertising supports. In the window dressing sector, polycarbonate is used to add colour, originality, and avant-garde to creations.

    At Home:

    Transparent polycarbonate’s favourable characteristics also make it suitable for use in the home. Its domestic use can help save on heating, lighting, and security costs. It is commonly used for bath and shower screens, furniture, windows, ceilings, partitions, glassware, and household appliances.

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    Making your projects a reality is now possible thanks to Plastic Express and its best materials, such as transparent polycarbonate!

    Among the most remarkable properties of compact polycarbonate are that, despite sharing the transparency of glass, its weight is only half that of glass and it is 250 times more resistant to impacts.

    It is also highly resistant to high temperatures, being able to maintain its mechanical and optical properties intact at temperatures of more than 100º C. 

    Compact polycarbonate is a great acoustic and thermal insulator, so, although it allows the free passage of light, it is very useful for delimiting spaces or separating and insulating areas. It also has good UV protection, so it can be used without problems in outdoor spaces, exposed to the elements, without danger of it degrading. 

    Transparent cellular polycarbonate, on the other hand, is also a type of translucent polycarbonate, although unlike compact polycarbonate, this is marketed in sheets or polycarbonate sheets, which combine several sheets joined together by heat sealing, giving rise to a hollow structure, ribbed and separated internally into small sections or cells. 

    It is a material that is very easy to handle due to its light weight, much greater than that of compact polycarbonate, and is also remarkably resistant to impacts and the elements. Cellular polycarbonate roofs are often used to insulate areas thermally, while providing UV protection without limiting the passage of light. 

    Translucent polycarbonate has a wide range of uses due to its strength, safety and insulation properties. However, the different types of polycarbonate are differentiated by their different applications. These are the most common:

    Colourless compact polycarbonate is nothing more than translucent compact polycarbonate, which is commonly used in security elements such as screens, bulletproof glazing, reinforced windows, or outdoor areas that need high resistance to the elements such as pergolas. This compact polycarbonate is also widely used in swimming pool roofs and enclosures, greenhouses and skylights, or any other façade element that needs to insulate and let light through at the same time. 

    Industrially it is used in security elements and electrical panels due to its thermal and electrical insulating properties, as well as in the fairing of machinery. It is also commonly used to establish acoustic barriers in workspaces.

    Opal white polycarbonate, also compact, is not fully transparent but offers good light transmission properties. Its mechanical and strength properties are very similar to those of colourless compact polycarbonate, but in this case they have been optimised for outdoor use.

    Anti-reflective polycarbonate is like the previous ones, but it is given a treatment that prevents reflections or glare from appearing when light passes through it, making it ideal for screens and windows of machinery and vehicles, which need good visibility at all times. 

    Finally, cellular polycarbonate has lower mechanical strength than compact polycarbonates, but is much lighter and more comfortable to work with. It is still extremely resistant to the elements, making it highly suitable for exterior or exposed elements, as well as for creating partitions or walls in interior spaces. 


    Finally, cellular polycarbonate has a lower mechanical strength than compact polycarbonates, but is much lighter and easier to work with. It is still extremely resistant to the elements, making it very suitable for exterior or exposed elements, as well as for creating partitions or walls in interior spaces. 


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