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Round methacrylate box

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A round PMMA Plexiglass acrylic box can be ideal when it comes to displaying and storing your products in an aesthetic way so that they are not only tidied up in a functional way, but are also pleasing to the eye and collaborate with the decoration of the room where they are located. 


Below, we will tell you about all the characteristics and utilities of having a round acrylic box.


Description and characteristics of a round methacrylate box

A round acrylic box is an excellent element when it comes to storing and organising your products or belongings. Moreover, as it is completely transparent, you will be able to display these objects so that they acquire a decorative touch in the place where you decide to put them. The main advantage of acrylic plastic is that it is very resistant, therefore, you will also have total security and protection for your most precious objects.


This round acrylic box is made of the best quality plastic materials, using colourless cast PMMA Plexiglass acrylic plastic. It is also designed in a way that joins different pieces to create this characteristic round shape: first it is composed of a plastic base in a round shape, then a cylindrical tube and finally a round lid that fits with the structure so that you can open and close it with total comfort with the help of a small handle to pull it.


For the creation of this practical and at the same time aesthetic box, the processes of cutting the plastic by laser and gluing the acrylic plastic have been used. The main characteristics of the transparent Plexiglass box are as follows:


  • It offers an excellent optical quality, as its level of transparency is 93%.
  • Acrylic plastic is an excellent acoustic and thermal insulator. You will not have to worry if the objects you place inside cannot be exposed to extreme temperatures of heat or cold.
  • It is completely resistant to impact. Therefore, your objects will be protected inside an acrylic box and you will not have to suffer from possible knocks or falls.
  • It is a very light material, weighing half the weight of glass. As it has a slightly higher density than water, you can submerge it without it floating.
  • It withstands the inclemency of the weather perfectly, be it humidity, water, sun, wind, blows, etc. Therefore it is ideal for outdoor use with a lifespan of up to 10 years in perfect condition.
  • Acrylic plastic is very easy to polish, so any scratches it may suffer can be easily repaired.
  • It is a very flexible material, which makes it last longer over time, but without deforming.
  • Acrylic plastic is an easy material to work with, so you can make holes, polish it or mould it with heat in case you need it.


Uses for a round acrylic box

After analysing the needs of our customers, at Plastic Express we have created a collection of boxes and ballots so that you can use them for your company, your office or your home. All round boxes are made following the necessary processes so that they can be useful for our customers in all these areas:


  • Interior design
  • Decoration
  • Confectionery
  • Jewellery
  • Culinary
  • Office utensils
  • Study utensils
  • Room organisation
  • Product display
  • Window dressing
  • Stand for decorative items
  • Colourless stand

How to order a custom-made round acrylic box

If you wish to purchase one of our round acrylic plexiglas boxes in one of the standard sizes we have in stock, you just need to enter our website and make the purchase from our online platform. If you are looking for something more specific, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Often, the project you may have in mind does not adapt perfectly to the products that are already manufactured, which is why at Plastic Express we offer our customers the option of making bespoke boxes and ballots. We recommend that you take a look at our website to see the formats of the articles we have available, such as opaque square boxes, transparent urns, etc.


To request a custom-made methacrylate item you can ask for a personalised quote by writing to us at [email protected] indicating in the subject of the email the product you are interested in and the material you want us to use to make it. For example: round methacrylate box.


Finally, we would like to remind you that if you are a professional in the industry you can benefit from certain discounts by accessing the quote form for professionals that you will find on our website. 


If you need a round acrylic box, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, because for us at Plastic Express, it is important to provide a professional and effective service to our customers so that they can take care of their projects in an excellent way.