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Acrylic leaflet holders

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Acrylic leaflet holders, as well as brochure stands, are one of the essential tools for your business to stand out and communicate information to your customers effectively. These accessories not only offer an elegant way to present your printed material, but will also add a touch of professionalism and modernity to your business.

At Plastic Express, we are experts in offering the best plastic solutions for each of our clients, and below we are going to show you the best brochure holders and acrylic holders for your establishment.

Types of acrylic leaflet holders

Brochure holders are devices designed to hold and display your company’s flyers for easy viewing by your customers at offices, trade shows, events, shops, medical offices, retail outlets, tourist information centres and other places where information needs to be shared in an organised and accessible way. 

These are the types of acrylic brochure holder we work with at Plastic Express.

Basic Acrylic brochure holder

The desktop acrylic brochure holder is a transparent and light piece of visual communication capable of displaying your flyers, giving them height and support in your commercial premises. It is composed of an acrylic plastic sheet, curved twice at different angles, and another piece that creates an indentation to deposit the flyers.

Acrylic tabletop sign holders

The desktop acrylic sign holder is a type of A4 brochure holder that is perfect for displaying information visibly and in a way that protects the paper. They are L-shaped, which makes them easy to open when you need to change the poster whenever you need to update the information inside.

Types of acrylic brochure stands

Acrylic brochure stands can be used in a wide variety of applications, thanks to the good qualities of this plastic. It is a transparent material, which offers good optical conditions and is much more resistant and lighter than glass, making it perfect for your commercial premises. 

These are the types of acrylic brochure stands we work with at Plastic Express.

Acrylic business card holders

Acrylic card holders display your business cards on the counter of your establishment and allow them to be easily removed by interested customers. To manufacture these objects, at Plastic Express we use laser cutting, gluing and folding processes to treat acrylic plastic.

Acrylic hanging folder

Finally, the acrylic hanging folder is perfect for displaying any graphics that you need your customers to see easily. This A4 Acrylic plexiglas holder has been designed to be very sturdy, but with an easy access slit, so you can change posters whenever you need to.

Buy your acrylic plexiglas leaflet holders and brochure stands at Plastic Express

At Plastic Express we believe that an acrylic sign holder is a good solution to catch the attention of people who walk past your shop window or enter your establishment without knowing what you have to offer. This is a way to keep your customers informed, without having to give advice to each one of them.

If you want to buy your acrylic plexiglas advertising stand, you can go to our Plastic Express website and see the options we have available, in different sizes. However, if you need a more specific piece, and you want to buy custom-made acrylic leaflet stands, you only have to contact us personally.

You can email us via  [email protected] indicating the piece you are interested in and explaining a bit more about your requirements. At the same time, our team will get to work to offer you a personalised quote for your plastic parts.

Also, remember that if you are a professional in the industry, you can access exclusive discounts through the form on our website.

Browse around Plastic Express now and discover the best brochure holders and acrylic supports for your company.