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Methacrylate pencil case

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Need an acrylic plastic pencil box? Well you’re in the right place, because at Plastic Express we design, manufacture and ship plastic goods that our customers need so you get the box you want, perfectly adapted to your needs.

Our meticulous craftsmanship benefits from the best high-precision and latest-generation technologies to make the pencil boxes we present to you below. 

Characteristics of the acrylic plastic box

The transparent acrylic pencil box is considered to be one of the strongest transparent objects you can use to store delicate objects. A material that looks similar to glass, it allows light to pass through so you can always see what’s inside. 

However, its shock resistance is 20 times stronger than glass. Additionally, the acrylic pencil box is made with a thermoplastic that is very easy to machine and is therefore perfect for luxury displays, communication projects, confectionery, promotions that you want the public to see, etc. 

Among the most significant properties of the transparent acrylic plastic box with a lid, the following stand out:

  • 93% transparency, practically complete
  • There are various sizes available in the boxes and urns section on our Plastic Express website
  • It has an improved strength and resistance against possible blows
  • The walls have a thickness of between 3 and 4 millimetres
  • It has a smooth and polished finish which makes the piece very elegant and nice to look at
  • Also, it stands out for having excellent thermal insulation properties and a long life of use

Uses of the box

Acrylic plastic boxes have many uses. Factors like resistance, design options and the possibility of resizing them are what make them perfect for practically anything, and why they can be used in many of our projects. 

The versatility of acrylic plastic means that you can make boxes in any shape you desire. We can make them to measure, so that the contents are neither forced in nor loose within the support presented to customers. This makes these boxes perfect for storing electronic equipment, books, perfumery products, sweets, pencils, etc.

Another use for the box is to use them as promotional gifts for your workers or clients. Delivering your gifts inside a nice box always adds value to your gifts. Furthermore, you can print the logo of your company on the box, so your company is promoted at all times.  

A box can also function as a display case. The transparent methacrylate means that you can see everything inside the box, so anything you put inside is completely visible and will be protected and organised.

Protection is another use for these types of boxes. Some delicate objects, for example computer or mobile parts, can be protected against damage and dirt if they’re inside a box that fits their measurements.

Buy your box case at Plastic Express

Based on a study on customer needs, at Plastic Express we have prepared a catalogue with the most relevant articles. On our website you can find the acrylic plastic box case, in different sizes.

However, if what you are looking for is a box for a very specific project and you need it to comply with exact measurements, you can write directly to [email protected] and our team of professionals will be happy to help you. We will always give you the advice you need, because it is important to us that you achieve your dreams.

Our material is top quality and we always offer it at the best price. Also, if you are a professional in the sector, don’t forget to let us know, as we have special discounts and promotions for you.

Trust Plastic Express and buy your best quality acrylic case for your business.