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Herbs and sprays dispenser

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The bulk herb dispenser is an ideal product to store different types of items that are sold by weight and in powdered format. It allows the inside of the dispenser to be visible so that users can choose what they want to buy and contains a key that allows them to dispense the doses of their choice. 

In addition to its functional advantages, it is a perfect addition to your décor that adds character to any establishment. Nowadays, this aspect is highly important, let’s not forget that we live in the age of social networks!

Viewing products that are available to inspect, are tidy and can create a beautiful display, taking advantage of their colours, is something that today’s customers especially value. If your business model has herbs, herbal teas or other such products, we encourage you to try these excellent containers.

What kind of products can I display in the herb dispenser?

The truth is that the powder dispenser is very versatile, as it allows you to introduce all kinds of products that are sold in bulk and that fit in this format. Here are a few examples.

Infusions of all kinds

The bulk infusion dispenser allows you to have a variety of infusions in your establishment in different sections, which can be seen at a glance with their characteristic colours and can be dispensed in bulk according to the needs of each consumer.


Coffees are also powdered products, so you can have a coffee dispenser in your establishment or several of them, if you work with this product in different varieties. It will give a much more elegant setting. At Plastic Express we also offer coffee bean dispensers, so you are completely covered no matter how you sell your bulk coffee. 

Types of tea

A bulk tea dispenser allows you to store this herb and also sell it in the doses that each person wants. There are different varieties of tea, so it is very interesting to store them in these transparent containers so that customers can see at a glance that they are different from one another.


Beyond food products, there are also many others that come in this powder format and can benefit from the same system. This is the case of the bulk detergent dispenser that can be used to sell these products in quantities of your choice or to incorporate them into the automatic laundries that we can see in many cities nowadays. 

Advantages of the Plastic Express bulk herbs dispenser

The Plastic Express bulk herb dispenser is made of acrylic plastic and is a high-quality product with many advantages. These are the most important ones:

  • It is lighter than glass.
  • It is made from excellent quality and durable material.
  • It has thermal and acoustic resistance to protect the product inside.
  • It allows you to see inside the container.
  • It is perfectly resistant to external environmental conditions.
  • It is very easy to handle.
  • Different models according to your particular needs.
  • They are hygienic for storing bulk food products.

Purchase your bulk tea dispenser from Plastic Express

Plastic Express bulk dispensers have the guarantee of a company specialised in plastics and Plexiglass products. These products are manufactured in-house and are made for both professionals and private individuals, allowing each item to be personalised. 

Although the range of dispensers is very complete, if you want to create one of them with particular characteristics or in other sizes that are not available for purchase, you can also request a bespoke dispenser easily, just by sending an email with the details! This guarantees that you will always find what you are looking for and you will have an expert team at your disposal at all times. 

Find your favourite bulk herbs dispensers and start renewing your business with the best products.