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Plastic products for boats and marine spare parts must be effective against the force of water, inclement weather and other adverse factors that may occur during navigation. That is why at Plastic Express we offer you the best plastic products for professionals, with acrylic plexiglas and polycarbonate resources to obtain maximum efficiency and a satisfactory result.

The materials marketed are characterised by their efficient image, fit and performance, through laser cutting and engraving, CNC machining, polishing and polishing, gluing and digital printing. All the necessary resources to obtain the best quality in quality plastic for boats.

All plastic parts for boats

At Plastic Express we work on all types of plastic boat parts. An ideal method to renew the glazing of the boat. But what are the different products we offer? 

From polycarbonate you can find a wide selection of resources: hatches, underwater windows, windscreens, tables and surfaces, plate and cup holders, without forgetting custom-made plastic hatches, all made to measure to fit the surface where they will be placed.

On the other hand, we also carry out made-to-measure work on handrails, taking into account at all times the dimensions of the boat, what the functions are going to be and how the usefulness of the boat is presented. At the same time, we can also carry out works of adaptation and curvature of the elements that make up the boat, whether they are curved windows or underwater windows.


In addition, it is worth noting the application of these products to obtain maximum efficiency in those elements that require more care, such as the dashboard protectors and the windows of the boat itself. In this way, plastic in boats takes on an unparalleled prominence thanks to the good performance it offers and the professional service it provides.

Acrylic plexiglas for boats made to measure: your personalised project

Acrylic plexiglas is a strong and durable product that undoubtedly plays an important role in boats. It contributes positively wherever it is placed and offers efficiency, durability and resistance.

At Plastic Express, we offer users a wide range of products to achieve the best performance, from acrylic plexiglas windscreens to other resources for everyday use on boats. When it comes to sailing, it is important to have a boat with the best guarantees and that offers the best performance.

Broadly speaking, acrylic plexiglas can be considered a fundamental material for different parts of the boat, hence the so-called thermoformed acrylic plexiglas and also curved acrylic plexiglas. In this sense, acrylic plexiglas for boats is decisive in its application, without forgetting that Plastic Express can make precise cuts and adjustments according to the customer’s needs. 

Acrylic plexiglas products for boats can be found in transparent format that allows the passage of light to favour interior lighting or, on the contrary, in satin colours that become a good decorative bet in order to beautify the image of the boat, as well as being a good solution to also introduce light into the interior.

Request a quote for your plastics for boats at Plastic Express

At Plastic Express we work on small and large-scale projects. To do this, we carry out an analysis and advice on the possible solutions that can be applied and, on the other hand, we work with maximum efficiency so that, in a practical and direct way, you receive a product that meets the needs of the user. The prices are the best on the market, guaranteeing that the work will be effective and the materials are suitable to achieve the quality demanded.

In fact, the professionals you will find at Plastic Express offer the opportunity to receive timely advice thanks to the knowledge and experience of a company that, without a doubt, stands out in the boat plastics sector. The handling and execution of the products is the speciality, with different ideas that will become the desired solution.

To find the right product for your boat, ask Plastic Express for a quotation. With total confidence and explicitly, we will be in close contact so that there is a harmony between the client and the plastic professionals. One of the premises of the company is that the client has the freedom to give his opinion and decide, but always under the supervision of the Plastic Express specialists who will provide guidance regarding the articles for professionals.

Therefore, at Plastic Express you have the opportunity to fulfil your projects. We have a professional and multidisciplinary team to help you select the right material with which to implement your ideas. All solutions are prepared so that you can obtain a result that is perfectly adapted to the boat, with guaranteed quality and the best performance.

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