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Cellular Polycarbonate Sealing Tapes

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    Technical specifications

    – 6000 mm long profiles
    – 10 years warranty
    – Light
    – Simple handling and assembly.
    – Good rigidity


    Cellular polycarbonate sealing tapes are a versatile, technical solution that is becoming increasingly popular in the construction and engineering business. These tapes not only offer excellent sealing properties, but also take advantage of the qualities of cellular polycarbonate, a strong, lightweight material with a high thermal insulation capacity.

    At Plastic Express, we are a plastic solutions company that helps our customers find the most suitable items and materials for their projects. On this occasion, we would like to introduce you to cellular polycarbonate sealing tapes, along with their characteristics, applications and benefits.

    Properties of cellular polycarbonate sealing tapes

    Sealing tapes stand out for their properties, which make them one of the most attractive options today, in many types of industrial and domestic projects. These are the main characteristics of a cellular polycarbonate tape:

    • Flexibility and adaptability: Polycarbonate tape is known for its ability to conform to irregular and curved surfaces, making it perfect for sealing joints in complex structures.
    • Weather resistance: Cellular polycarbonate, combined with advanced sealing technologies, makes these tapes highly resistant to adverse weather conditions such as exposure to sunlight, rain and temperature changes.
    • Good adhesion: Polycarbonate sealing tape has a strong adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces. This ensures a durable and effective bond on your projects.
    • Thermal insulation: Cellular polycarbonate itself has good thermal insulation properties, and sealing tapes maximise this benefit by creating efficient barriers that help manage the temperature of structures.
    • Durability: The combination of a tough material and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies ensures the long-term durability of these tapes, reducing maintenance costs.

    Applications of cellular polycarbonate sealing tapes

    More and more industries are starting to use this material because of its good properties. Here we show you the applications that a polycarbonate sealing tape can have:

    • Building glazing: These tapes are used in glazing systems to seal joints and provide thermal insulation. They help to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.
    • Transparent roofs and ceilings: They fulfil a very important function by ensuring an airtight and weatherproof joint, in sheds and roofs.
    • Manufacture of composite panels: Ensures the water tightness of the joints between the layers of composite panels. This provides strength and durability to the final panel.
    • Window and door systems: In the metal and PVC joinery industry, sealing tapes are used in the joints of window and door systems, ensuring thermal and acoustic insulation.
    • Transport applications: In the manufacture of land vehicles and boats, these tapes are used to seal joints and contribute to the strength and durability of structures.
    • Civil engineering projects: Polycarbonate tapes are used to seal joints in structures exposed to extreme environmental conditions, such as bridges, tunnels and other infrastructure.

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