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Satin colored Plexiglass

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    Technical specifications

    – Plates up to 3000x2000mm.
    – 3mm thick.
    – Rigid and durable material.
    – Translucent (not transparent).
    – Resistant to the effects of the sun, humidity and small blows.
    – Easy cleaning and disinfection.
    – Supports cutting with a saw or laser.


    Satin colored Plexiglass is a thermoplastic characterized by its bright color, lightness and weatherability At Plastic Express we manufacturemade- to-measure satin-colored Plexiglass items applying to the material the processes of:

    Also known as polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), satin Plexiglass has the following characteristics:

    • Excellent optical quality.
    • Good weather resistance.
    • Impact resistence.
    • Excellent resistance to aging.
    • Ideal for outdoor use.
    • Easy handling and thermoforming.
    • High thermal and acoustic resistance.
    • Lightweight compared to glass.
    • Does not give off toxic gases when burning.
    • Free of halogens.
    • Available with matte finish, matte two
    • custom faces and colors.
    • High molecular weight.

    As a result, Plexiglass has multiple areas of application:

    Construction and interior design

    • Aquariums.
    • Covers.
    • Urban furniture.
    • Basketball backboards.
    • Solar / photovoltaic panels.
    • Greenhouses.
    • Pipes and bars.
    • Glazing and protection.
    • Enclosures.
    • Screens and acoustic barriers.

    Visual comunication

    • Signaling and signage.
    • Menu holders and brochures.
    • Advertising posters.
    • Product displays (PLV).
    • Digital printing support.


    • Protection of machinery.
    • Windows and windshield
    • boats.
    • Underwater hatches and windows.
    • Furniture.
    • Skylights.
    • Greenhouses.
    • Glazing and protection.
    • Enclosures.
    • Screens and acoustic barriers.
    • Molded parts.


    Finally, we offer you advice on your projects, we also have a professional and multidisciplinary team to help you select the material and the necessary handling to execute your ideas.

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    Satin Plexiglass acrylic plastic is one of the most resistant plastic materials used in many products found in different areas of our lives. 

    It is a cost-effective alternative to other materials such as glass. Its transparency, flexibility and strength give it a superior quality compared to other materials. 

    At Plastic Express you will find quality satin acrylic sheets for different resources with guaranteed quality and the best results.

    Characteristics of satin Plexiglass acrylic plastic

    One of the particularities of acrylic plexiglass is its durability over time. Its technical name is polymethyl methacrylate, also known as acrylic glass or plexiglass. It is flexible, unbreakable and becomes a resource that can be used for multiple purposes. After all, it is one of the most widely used plastic materials and can be found in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

    Satin Plexiglass acrylic sheets are resistant to the passage of time. The external appearance does not change and, in addition, they are resistant to knocks and blows, in such a way that they can be placed perfectly on any surface without breaking. On the other hand, it should be noted that they have a high light transmission, i.e. they allow the access of light to favour indoor lighting and the material can be found in different shades.

    Other aspects worth valuing are that they do not produce glare or reflections, so they will not become a problem for the eyes, in the same way that they do not allow marks on the surface of the hands or fingers, nor can they be scratched. Therefore, it is a suitable product for surfaces where there may be a high level of use and it should be noted that they withstand harsh weather conditions very well and can thus be used outdoors.

    Uses of satin Plexiglass acrylic plexiglass

    Satin plexiglass can be found in many different areas of our lives. There are numerous resources that we come across on a daily basis that are made of this material. Satin Plexiglass acrylic sheets are used in a variety of everyday products

    They are durable and light enough to be adapted to any structure or design, which makes them an interesting choice for a decorative and, at the same time, resistant appearance. A particular case in point are the famous partitions that can be found in indoor and outdoor spaces, such as bars, restaurants, shops, etc. 

    In the healthcare sector, it is increasingly present thanks to its various uses, such as in hospitals and pharmacies. An important factor is that it is possible to work in different formats, as PlasticExpress works with customised satin Plexiglass acrylic plastic designs. 

    It is also worth mentioning other resources on which they can work, such as ballot boxes, boxes, vehicle resources, showcases and other elements that guarantee optical quality and an efficient result.

    Decorative resources are another case in point. In lamps, tables and other surfaces, it is beginning to play a more important role as a substitute for glass, as well as in shower enclosures which, in the end, offer extraordinary functionality for daily use without suffering any water damage. 

    In addition, we need to highlight its presence in displays used for shops and shop windows, as well as advertising signs. It is a way of obtaining a resistant and firm product with a curious and striking colour.

    Buy your custom-made satin Plexiglass acrylic plastic at Plastic Express

    Do you need a custom design to fit a specific product? At Plastic Express you can find the best quality in satin acrylic plastic, as well as efficient and durable work by professionals who offer, basically, a material that is completely resistant to the passage of time and an interesting quality to obtain a firm, consistent and lightweight surface.

    At Plastic Express you will find the quality you need and acrylic plastic that fits the needs of your home or business. The simple fact of having a reliable place where plexiglass is worked on professionally and safely is something to be valued. All types of design work are carried out adapted to your needs, with matt, luminous, refined and translucent finishes in colours that will undoubtedly meet your expectations.

    In short, a place to go to if you wish to purchase a satin plexiglass sheet with a professional finish, durable and of very good quality. Any doubts can be resolved thanks to the advice given by the professionals at Plastic Express, leading manufacturers of plastic products in the business and with many years of demonstrable experience. 

    Mechanical work and the use of the best technologies guarantee an efficient result in order to develop acrylic pieces, acrylic showcases, acrylic displays, acrylic trophies and many other products worked according to the customer’s requirements.