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Aluminium composite panels have emerged in recent years as one of the most popular solutions for covering surfaces. Its easy installation, practically zero maintenance and, above all, its low price, are some of the factors that explain its resounding success in the national and international market. In addition, the variety of models available makes it a versatile option, suitable for combining with any style and perfect for all environmental conditions.

However, for many people, aluminium composite is still a relatively unknown product. And when they first come into contact with it, the sheer number of related types, articles and services can lead to an avalanche of cluttered information that can be a disincentive to purchase, alienating hundreds of potential customers.

At Plastic Espress, a leading company in the plastics and derivatives sector, we are expert manufacturers of Dibond aluminium composite panels who want to make our wide selection of products known to the general public in a pleasant and effective way. We offer a complete catalogue, professional advice and tailor-made quotations for any kind of project.

If you are interested in knowing more about the fascinating world of aluminium composite and its infinite possibilities, read on and we will give you all the details.

Types of Aluminium Composite

Aluminium is one of the most widely used non-ferromagnetic metals in all kinds of industrial activities for centuries. It is an extremely abundant material, which makes it very cheap. It is light, malleable and has a melting point of only 660 degrees Celsius, which makes it very easy to work with. It is also an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, which is why it is one of the most commonly used metals in insulation work.

Aluminium composite panels take advantage of all these characteristics while incorporating interesting customisation options.Thus, their use has grown exponentially in recent times, as they can add a touch of distinction to buildings and other constructions for a minimal investment.

Although there are several types of aluminium composite, such as STACBOND or VITBOND, at Plastic Express we manufacture Dibond. This is a sandwich structure that joins two layers of aluminium with a central sheet, or core, of polyethylene. This combination, with a total thickness of 3 millimetres, offers a completely flat surface that increases the resistance of the assembly to impacts and other damage.

This property is probably one of the most appreciated by customers, as it allows Dibond aluminium composite panels to be used as an outdoor protection element. Not only do they protect against the adverse effects of the weather, but they also dissipate radiation from the electromagnetic spectrum, making them an ideal solution for interiors where computers and electronic machinery, among others, are used.

Dibond aluminium composite panels also play a key role as thermal insulators. Their use on building facades contributes to the creation of the so-called chimney effect, which keeps interior temperatures at a constant level thanks to the ventilation between the wall and the cladding layer.

Another crucial element in the decision to use Dibond aluminium composite panels was already mentioned above: versatility. Due to its very nature, this mixture of aluminium and polyethylene can be moulded into any required shape by means of various production processes. 

On the one hand, at Plastic Express we have a Computer Numerical Control system, or CNC machining, by means of which it is possible to cut to size with extraordinary precision, obtaining a large number of pieces with customised shapes and identical dimensions in a short time. Moreover, as this is not a laser cutting process, it can be used on Dibond aluminium composite panels without the risk of burning or deformation.

We also offer the option of industrial folding and gluing, as well as digital printing (UV, screen printing, cut vinyl, etc.) on plastic material of the highest optical quality. 

Aluminium Composite Articles

While the countless advantages of Dibond aluminium composite panels make them ideal for exterior cladding, their potential uses go far beyond that.

To begin with, many urban-inspired interior design styles have exploited the possibilities of the composite panel as a decorative object, as it gives a modern and avant-garde look to any room, especially when playing with different printing methods.

They are also an outstanding component for modular signage, combining colours and shapes to create surprising effects. Dibond aluminium composite panels also offer a great deal of creative freedom for the design of original and daring proposals in the field of stands.

Canopies and drawer units for ATMs, modules to cover balconies and pillars, as well as reinforcement elements for buildings undergoing renovation, are other aluminium composite products that are in great demand.

Aluminium Composite Services

As we said at the beginning, it is not always easy to choose the best aluminium composite panel from the huge variety offered by the current market. Plastic Express would like to give you some basic advice on how to buy with the best guarantees.

One aspect that should always be taken into account is the thickness of the aluminium layers, even more than the thickness of the panel itself, as this measure will determine its resistance. Ideally, the sheet should be about 0.2 millimetres thick, based on standard dimensions.

The quality of the panel can also be checked by bending it at 90 degrees and observing if there are any cracks, wrinkles in the surface or if the paint is flaking off. Also, if it attracts a magnet it means that it contains too much steel, which can cause problems later on.

At Plastic Express we provide our clients with a multidisciplinary team to help them with the selection, handling and transport of Dibond aluminium composite panels, with personalised quotes for both individuals and professionals in the sector.