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Plexiglass Picture Frames

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Acrylic plexiglass picture frames are very popular, both for individuals who want to display their photographs at home, as well as for companies who want to display images, posters or graphic pieces in a comfortable and visible way. 

At Plastic Express we work with different acrylic products, and here we would like to explain everything about our photo frames.

What are plexiglass picture frames and picture holders?

A photo frame is an object used to display any kind of graphic material in a clean and resistant way. It is made of acrylic plastic or Plexiglass, which makes it very light, resistant and aesthetically pleasing.

It is made of colourless cast acrylic plastic using laser cutting and bending techniques. The product consists of two completely flat rectangular pieces that are positioned one on top of the other to leave an intermediate space for the placement of the photograph.

What are plexiglass picture frames used for?

An plexiglass picture frame can have many uses, both at an individual level in the customer’s home and at a business level in commercial premises. These are some of the applications for which you can use a plexiglass picture frame:

  • Audiovisual communication: Photo frames are used to display photographs in an aesthetic way so that users can see them easily. The photographs will always be protected and will not degrade over time.
  • Display of important information: If you have specific rules, it is important for customers to see them at a glance when they enter your establishment. This is why you can use photo holders to display rules of behaviour or relevant notices.
  • Hospitality: You can present your restaurant menu in the form of a photo holder. This will ensure that the menu is always on the table and that customers can use it conveniently and easily. You will be able to use this menu for a long time, because thanks to the protection provided by the acrylic plastic, it will be in good condition for a longer period of time.
  • Reception desks: A reception desk is a place where most customers ask the same questions. It could be very useful to show your clients the essential information through an acrylic photo frame, so that they can see it at a glance. You can give information such as the opening hours and check-in and out timetables, the price of breakfast if it is a hotel, etc.
  • Counters: The counter of a shop is the place where you have to attract the attention of your customers, not only because of your good products, but also because of the prices you offer. Make sure that customers are informed of the prices at all times thanks to the photo holders that you can place on your counter.
  • Decoration: Decorate your home or business premises with photographs that are important to you or that you think will attract the customers’ attention. These transparent acrylic photo frames have a very modern style that fits in most places as a decorative element.
  • Stands: Stands are a good place to go to get information about an event. If you put photo holders with the brochures you have about the different events, the clients will have it much easier to ask you for information only about what they are interested in.
  • Signage: Point out the main places in your shop with a photo frame with directions. You can indicate where the toilets are, the changing rooms and differentiate between the checkout area and the returns area.
  • Communication of COVID-19 regulations: Remind your customers of the basic hygiene rules they need to follow when entering your establishment. In this way you will avoid having to tell your users off.

Where to buy a custom-made plexiglass picture frames

Through our Plastic Express website you can see all the formats of acrylic photo frames that we have available, but if your project is a little more ambitious and you need a custom-made plexiglass picture frame, we can help you in the process.

If you want a custom-made photo frame, all you have to do is contact us by email at [email protected] and ask for a custom-made quote. As soon as we receive the email we will study your project to offer you the best plastic solutions at the best possible price.

Once you have confirmed that you agree with the quote, we will start working on your piece and get it ready as soon as possible so that you can use it in your home or business. Remember that if you are a professional, you can enjoy special discounts by accessing the form we have on our website.

If you want your images to look sharp and help create a clean and tidy aesthetic environment, do not hesitate to contact Plastic Express so that we can make the custom-made plexiglass picture frames you need. Trust only plastic professionals to get the best results and the best price for your projects.