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Dibond Composite Aluminum Panel

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    Technical specifications

    – 3mm thickness
    – Panel formed by two joined aluminum plates.
    – Maintains the properties of aluminum.
    – Completely flat surface.
    – Unbreakable and impact resistant.
    – Recyclable material


    Aluminium composite panels


    At Plastic Express we offer aluminium composite panels, a product that offers high resistance to shocks and weight, is high quality and easy to work with, without forgetting that it is an interesting resource when covering different parts of houses, premises or other buildings, as it is resistant to wind loads and outdoor atmospheric conditions.


    The composite panel consists of two sheets of aluminium and mineral material, which are useful architectural project designs. It can be found in all types of infrastructures and is a functional material for renovations, as it has special qualities such as rigidity and flexibility, which also allow it to be adapted to all types of surfaces and façades, even in outdoor areas where there are more severe adverse phenomena.


    Plastic Express: the place to buy Aluminium Composite Panels

    Aluminium composite panels are available at Plastic Express, from which you can expect quality and efficiency. Compliance with all European and international standards is guaranteed and quality results are achieved.


    But what exactly is aluminium composite? It is considered to be a sandwich of aluminium sheets organised by a polyethylene core and other polyester aluminium surfaces, especially for architecture and industry. Thus, the thickness of the aluminium foil is approximately 0.15 to 0.5 mm.


    What are its characteristics? First of all, it is a light and resistant material, capable of offering a good image and efficiency at the same time. It is a completely flat product that is very interesting for all kinds of decorative products and infrastructures.


    In this way, aluminium composite sheets can be used for exterior cladding, interior cladding, pillar cladding, balcony cladding, overhangs, canopies or the façades of houses.


    In the event that the customer wishes to purchase aluminium composite from Plastic Express, it is advisable to be aware of the following characteristics:


    • High resistance to corrosion without losing the quality of the product and facing any type of atmospheric adversity that it may suffer.
    • Thermal and acoustic insulation, being highly recommended for city dwellings or for those places where there is greater activity on the street.
    • The assembly process is really fast, saving time and obtaining a superior quality. As it is a malleable and flexible product, it allows the surface to be curved in such a way that it can be adapted to all types of surfaces.


    Request a customised quote for your Aluminium Composite Panels

    Aluminium is one of the most widely used metals in industrial activities. Why is this? Basically, because of the quality of the product and its low cost. It is light and easy to fix in place, and is essential for many homes thanks to the good service it provides in terms of insulation. More and more builders are opting for this type of product for their homes.


    How do we approach an aluminium composite quotation? The trust that exists with the client is incomparable. At Plastic Express we provide tailor-made quotes, both for individuals and companies, depending on their needs.


    We adapt to the demand, trying to make the appropriate designs to offer a high-quality product that meets the customer’s expectations. A study is carried out after the request is made and, from there, we offer a budget for professionals that is adjusted to make it competitive and affordable.


    It should be noted that one of the virtues of Plastic Express is the possibility of customising aluminium composite panels. After all, it is a way to give a distinctive touch to buildings, homes and other infrastructures. All without making a high investment, as it is a material that is easy to work with and inexpensive.


    We are fully committed to our customers. At all times, all their needs are attended to and, on the other hand, they are given the opportunity to give their opinion on the design to be carried out. This is how we achieve a direct and close contact with the customer so that the result meets all expectations.


    In short, the best place to buy aluminium composite foil is at Plastic Express, a centre specialising in the design, sale and solutions of plastics, all under a multidisciplinary team that is at the forefront of their line of business. Trust and good results are the premises of this company, which is currently one of the most sought after and has achieved the greatest repercussions.