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Cellular Polycarbonate

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    Technical specifications

    – High light transmission.
    – Possibility of installation with curvature.
    – UV protection on one side
    – 10 years warranty
    – Lightweight – Simple handling and assembly.
    – Good rigidity


    The Cellular Polycarbonate It is a lightweight polycarbonate sheet with a hollow and ribbed inner structure. It is characterized by high impact resistance and high light transmission. At Plastic Express we manufacture custom polycarbonateitems applying to the material the processes of Also polycarbonate CellularIt has the following characteristics:
    • Very light material
    • Thermal insulator
    • Acoustic insulation
    • UV protection
    • Perfect for exterior applications.
    • Support for printing.
    As a result, this material has multiple areas of application:
    • Screens.
    • Mamparas protectoras.
    • Pergolas.
    • Translucent covers.
    • Greenhouses.
    • Enclosures in swimming pools.
    • Urban furniture.
    • Facades.
    • Interior partitions.
    • Skylights and skylights.
    • Wall covering.
    • Doors.


    Finally, at Plastic Express we offer you advice on your projects, we also have a professional and multidisciplinary team to help you select the material and the necessary handling to execute your ideas. To be able to offer you a quote for this material or other material that we sell, send us an email to the email [email protected] with the following information: If you cannot find the measurements you need, request a custom budget or write to us at [email protected], in the subject indicate the material, such as cellularpolycarbonate tailored Remember that if you are an industry professional you can get special discounts by accessing the formbudgets for professionals.


    PlasticExpress is a leading company in the sale of polycarbonate sheets, an exceptional solution to take advantage of natural light in spaces. In addition, they are easy to shape and resistant to impacts.

    There are different types of polycarbonate sheets on the market, including cellular or honeycomb polycarbonate sheets. This is a type of resistant polycarbonate, also called cellular or chamber polycarbonate, especially suitable for the division or covering of spaces where transparency is sought.  

    Cellular polycarbonate is a thermoplastic that stands out for its hardness, durability, strength and lightweight. As we have mentioned, it is easily mouldable and can be used as wall, roof and ceiling cladding. In fact, it can be installed on different types of structure, whether metal, wood or aluminium. 

    These sheets give a great luminosity to all types of buildings or offices, although they can also be used to manufacture different utensils, illuminate a terrace, make greenhouses, glaze windows or even create modern design furniture. 

    The truth is that given its main characteristics, we are talking about a polycarbonate roofing material of great hardness and thermal insulation, which makes it the ideal material for any self-respecting construction project due to its resistance to ageing and weathering. 

    Cellular polycarbonate sheets are perfect for roofs on commercial, industrial and residential buildings where natural light is required, such as terraces, inner courtyards or sheds. 

    Thanks to its high transparency and easy use, it is widely used in the construction industry today. In addition, it saves a considerable amount of electrical energy, which is why it is currently one of the most popular new materials. 

    Polycarbonate sheets have been designed for use in industrial roofing and cladding and in the residential sector. Cellular polycarbonate has excellent mechanical, optical, light transmission and thermal properties, making it a very versatile material used in flat, curved and sloped glazing, as well as for commercial, agricultural, industrial, domestic and advertising applications, among others. 

    Cellular polycarbonate cannot be perforated, as it has no capacity to expand and could be damaged, leading to leaks and accumulations of dirt inside. Its installation is floating and the only thing that must be fixed to the sidewalls or structures are the profiles of its joints and edges.

    Do you want to know the characteristics of cellular polycarbonate? Here is a list: 

    • Alveolar or cellular polycarbonate sheets are composed of air chambers that improve its high resistance, as well as translucency and lightness. 
    • Basically, they are perfect as roof coverings and for separating rooms, although as there is a choice of different sizes of cellular polycarbonate, they can be used in a wide variety of ways.
    • They provide light and are an excellent thermal insulator. In fact, their performance far exceeds that of most plastics. 
    • They are made of polycarbonate, but they also have a special coating to protect them against UV radiation, which is why they are so resistant to external aggressions. 
    • It is a material that weighs very little and is non-combustible. It is also much more impact resistant than glass. 
    • It is quite easy to work with and to install. It is simply cut to size using tools as simple as a cardboard cutter and its sheets can be adapted using the thermoforming technique.
    • There are different colours of polycarbonate. In fact, if you want to obtain the greatest possible thermal difference, use a bronze-coloured cellular polycarbonate to obtain a high luminosity, although sacrificing some of its transparency. 


    As specialists in cellular polycarbonate sheets, we have good alternatives to choose from, with different colours and thicknesses. All our sheets are UV-protected on the outside and are weather resistant to prevent degradation. 

    The applications of these sheets are quite wide, precisely because of their easy cold application and their excellent characteristics with regard to light transmission. The only thing you have to do is to find out about the different colours and thicknesses available in order to choose the polycarbonate sheets you are most interested in. 

    This material retains its physical and chemical properties in temperature ranges between 40ºC and 120ºC. Also, because it offers greater thermal insulation than glass, it provides considerable energy savings. 

    Its impact resistance far exceeds that of glass, making it virtually unbreakable. This makes it highly recommendable for all types of glazing where the protection of people and objects is essential to prevent damage and injury. Furthermore, in the event of fire, this type of material does not spread flames and does not give off toxic fumes or gases. 

    If we talk about maintenance, it is minimal, as rain is enough to keep it clean. Otherwise, it is advisable to use water and neutral soap, as abrasive substances can alter its surface.