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Opaque compact polycarbonate

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    Technical specifications

    – High impact resistance
    – Wide temperature range
    – Self-extinguishing.
    – Light.
    – Good mechanical and thermal qualities.
    – Thermal insulator.
    – It can be molded, glued and welded 1.7mm thick plates


    Compact opaque polycarbonate


    Compact opaque polycarbonate is a virtually unbreakable glazing material, which has very good resistance characteristics, as well as being very easy to work with and offering good final aesthetic results.


    Read on if you want to find out all about this type of plastic, which is widely used in both the domestic and industrial sectors.

    Description of opaque compact polycarbonate

    Compact polycarbonate is a type of plastic that you can find in various finishes:


    • Colourless polycarbonate
    • White opal polycarbonate
    • Anti-reflective polycarbonate
    • Opaque compact polycarbonate
    • Black opaque polycarbonate


    But what is compact polycarbonate?


    Here is a description of the opaque compact polycarbonate range. It is a thermoplastic that is characterised by its good resistance, both indoors and outdoors, its aesthetic finish and its lightness when it comes to installation.


    It is a material with the same transparency as glass, but much more resistant and half the weight. In addition to offering mechanical resistance to knocks and accidents, it can also withstand temperatures of up to 100º, at which other plastics would melt. Opaque polycarbonate sheets are able to maintain their optical and mechanical quality even at high temperatures.


    In addition to good thermal resistance, it is also very useful in areas exposed to vandalism or likely to be hit, thanks to the hardness of its composition. Thanks to its UV protection, opaque compact polycarbonate is good for being exposed to the elements, ensuring that sunlight can enter the interior without problems.


    At Plastic Express we work with this material to transform it depending on the needs of each client. It can be easily drilled, cut and even curved to the desired shape using the following techniques:


    • CNC machining of polycarbonate.
    • Polishing and polishing of polycarbonate
    • Polycarbonate bending
    • Gluing of polycarbonate
    • Printing on polycarbonate

    Characteristics of opaque compact polycarbonate

    The opaque compact polycarbonate has become one of the most used plastics, because thanks to its characteristics you will not have to invest too much money in its maintenance, but it will last a long time as the first day.


    These are the main characteristics offered by this material:


    • High impact resistance
    • Good thermal resistance
    • Transparent
    • Available in different colours
    • Special LED opal colours
    • Good optical quality
    • Precise thickness
    • Good fire behaviour, as it is a self-extinguishing material. Complies with standards (Bs1d0)
    • Thermoformable
    • Outdoor quality with UV protection
    • Available with etched surface and anti-reflective polycarbonate
    • Custom colours available
    • Flexible
    • Cold bendable


    Compact opaque polycarbonate applications

    Thanks to the good results and how easy this material is to use, more and more sectors are opting for opaque compact polycarbonate.


    You can find applications in the construction and decoration of both interiors and exteriors, whether you are a private person or a professional in the sector:

    • Screens
    • Pergolas
    • Translucent roofs
    • Greenhouses
    • Swimming pool enclosures
    • Street furniture
    • Facades
    • Interior partitions
    • Skylights
    • Wall cladding
    • Doors


    The security business is also an area that is benefiting from this type of plastic, especially due to its high resistance:


    • Vandal-proof glazing
    • Protective visors (PPE)
    • Safety glasses
    • Windows in police vehicles
    • Ambulance interiors
    • Bullet resistant glazing
    • Visors and sun visors
    • Transport trays


    Industry is an area where the material of construction you choose is very important, as your subsequent maintenance investment will depend on it. Here are some of the most common applications of opaque compact polycarbonate in the industrial sector:


    • Protective screens
    • Machine fairings
    • Glazing
    • Dividing barriers
    • Electrical panels
    • Switch covers
    • Housings and enclosures
    • Signage
    • Acoustic barriers
    • Lighting
    • Street furniture


    How to buy opaque compact polycarbonate

    At Plastic Express you can find a wide range of opaque compact polycarbonate products, such as standard size sheets. In addition, if your project is a little more ambitious and you need custom-made plastic, our team will advise you and find the best solution for you.


    In order to provide you with a detailed quotation, you can send us an email to [email protected] with the following information:


    • In the subject of the email you can indicate the material you need, in this case opaque compact polycarbonate.
    • In the body of the email you should explain exactly what you need or what project you have in mind, so that we can help you.


    When our team receives the email they will personally start working on your specific case. Remember that if you are an industry professional you can get special discounts by accessing the quote form for professionals.


    Now you know this material, its characteristics and the applications it can have. If you think it is the material you need for the project you have in mind, do not hesitate to contact us to receive personalised attention.