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PETG are extruded polyethylene terephthalate glycol copolyester sheets. It is achieved by joining the plastic known as PET with the glycol component to give greater characteristics to this plastic so widely used in the industrial world.

Below, we tell you all about custom-made PETG and how you can buy it for the project you have in mind.

Characteristics of PETG plastic

We recommend that, to carry out your project, you use top quality plastic materials such as those you will find at Plastic Express. PETG is a very versatile material that offers many ways to work with it.

We have commonly talked about this plastic for 3D printing, but the truth is that PETG has many more uses thanks to the characteristics it possesses.

These are its main characteristics:

  • It is transparent and optically you can see through it.
  • It offers a uniform colour without stains
  • It is impact resistant
  • It is resistant to chemicals
  • It is very light and weighs half the weight of glass.
  • It offers very flexible characteristics that allow it to be moulded with heat and does not break with temperature changes.
  • This material is beneficial to the environment as it can be recycled.
  • It is suitable to create large PETG sheets with good stability.
  • Resists well to heat and temperature changes
  • It is resistant to wear and tear
  • Can be thermoformed into very specific and well-defined forms
  • No pre-drying required
  • At low temperatures it has fast cycles
  • It behaves well when in contact with fire.
  • It does not produce toxic residues and is therefore suitable for food use.

In addition, PETG offers different areas of use in the world of industry. These are the main applications of this plastic material:

  • Indoor signs: In the area of audiovisual communication, indoor signs to indicate addresses or places are essential.
  • Displays: When you need to display your products so that they are visible, but users do not have access to them to handle them.
  • Moulded pieces: If you need a very specific piece with a specific shape, thermoforming can be used.
  • Bicycle helmets: PETG is an optimal material for safety and transport.
  • Visors: Visors for motorbike helmets are very resistant and do not wear out easily.
  • Glued parts: When you need to compose a structure from several laser-cut and glued parts, PETG is ideal to facilitate your process.
  • Food moulds: As they are non-toxic, they can be in contact with food.
  • Packaging: Packaging in different shapes and sizes, highly resistant to shocks and temperatures.

Difference between PETG and ABS

ABS has always been used as one of the main plastics for 3D printing until PETG came along and dethroned it with its better characteristics. Here are the main differences between PETG and ABS.

  • Ease of use: PETG is a much more mouldable material and can therefore be used much better. ABS, on the other hand, must be worked at a much higher temperature and because it is not practically flexible it is very prone to breakage.
  • Durability: ABS is much more fragile and therefore breaks more easily. PETG is also resistant to UV rays, which will be essential if we need an outdoor structure. In terms of temperature, ABS has the upper hand in this case because it is more resistant to high temperatures without deforming.
  • Colours: While PETG can be had in all opaque and transparent colours and even create a colourless transparent, ABS is only available in opaque colours.
  • Price: ABS is cheaper than PETG.

Buy PETG at Plastic Express

To buy PETG at Plastic Express in the sizes we have available, all you have to do is visit our website and buy the sheets that best suit your needs. If, on the other hand, your project is more ambitious and you need exact measurements for your plastic PETG sheets, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can give you a made-to-measure PETG quote.

To contact us, please write to [email protected] indicating in the subject what type of material you are interested in: in this case custom-made PETG. Remember that if you are a professional in the industry you can enjoy the best prices by simply filling in the quote form for professionals.

At Plastic Express our main goal is to help people make their projects a reality and make their businesses a little better thanks to our materials. We will get personally involved with your project to make it shine as much as we can, thanks to our custom-made PETG sheets. Contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you solve them.