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Are you looking for displays and furniture for source bulk shops? At Plastic Express we create all kinds of resources to equip source bulk shops. When it comes to displaying products for sale, it is essential to have different elements for display and conservation, hence it is essential to have top quality materials that, in general, can guarantee that all products are kept in perfect condition. 

Thus, the customer is assured that the right material is available, both in the case of displays and for dispensers and furniture.

Source bulk retail equipment: for a more sustainable future

Once a source bulk shop has been fitted out, it is advisable to assess the resources that are necessary for the preservation of the products that will be on sale. Generally, certain furniture is needed in order to offer adequate conservation and protection, so the equipment must be made up of custom-made transparent acrylic plastic furniture. This includes articles such as shelves, dispensers, organisers and other resources that guarantee the organisation of all the source bulk products. This is essential if the food is to be well organised and well preserved at all times.

Acrylic food dispensers by gravity are very important  in this commercial business. They allow a better display of everything that must be visible to the customer, achieving greater practicality and functionality. The fact of having any organisational element at hand can be feasible to achieve, thus, the guarantee that everything will be in its tidy place, without forgetting that this type of materials are suitable for everyday use thanks to the resistance to impacts. 

On the other hand,we should talk about commercial equipment for source bulk food. Any retail space implies the need for materials such as, for example, acrylic plastic as a material. This can guarantee a considerable resistance and a very interesting efficiency in the long term, as it is a product that guarantees durability. This can also be seen in furniture. They are very useful because they are easy to install and can be easily and simply arranged.

A decisive factor to choose the right acrylic plastic source bulk dispensers and displays is that they are made in a sustainable way, i.e. they will not be a problem for the environment, as they are reusable and offer a very long service life. As they are very resistant, it is also true that a certain degree of sustainability is achieved, which is essential if you want to contribute to the environment, a factor that Plastic Express takes into account, both in the manufacturing process and later in commercial use.

How to comply with the UK Plastic pact & EU packaging regulations in shops

According to the UK plastic pact, the aim is to achieve a series of measures that, when put into practice, achieve greater sustainability so as not to generate so much waste and so that this waste does not harm the planet; this is why prevention, reuse, recycling and compostability is paramount. 

Plastic Express has made this commitment with the aim of achieving greater control in the use of materials with which, basically, to manufacture quality packaging that complies with all the recommendations established in this pact.

Transparent acrylic plastic is one of the most commonly used for furniture in bulk shops. At Plastic Express we design this type of packaging with the aim of offering functionality and quality assurance, meeting the needs set out in the plastic pact and making a positive contribution to the planet. We should take into account that they can be reused and can also be recycled, as stated in this pact as well as the EU packaging regulations, which seek to ensure that all packaging is recyclable by the year 2030 and that it is not dangerous for the environment, a determining factor that we take into account at Plastic Express.

On the other hand, we should note that some of the dispensers are made of other materials which, in general, can make product accessibility easy while guaranteeing durability. In this sense, silver ‘ABS’ coated funnels and nickel coated metal handles are elementary in order to achieve a higher resistance to the passage of time and to be able to use these containers for source bulk sales in a sustainable and practical way.

All of these materials are processed by Plastic Express with the aim of providing the best environmental sustainability. The manufacturing process and later use in the commercial field, allow each of the acrylic plastic containers to be durable and very practical for day-to-day use; in addition, they can be recycled and given a second life. In any case, the retailer can be assured of being able to use these dispensers and furniture for many years to come.

What kind of products can I store in Plastic Express’ source bulk dispensers?

The products that can be stored in our dispensers can be varied. It is true that acrylic plastic and stainless steel are resistant to pressure, weight and daily wear and tear; therefore, it is important to think that any product stored in these dispensers will undoubtedly be well preserved and kept in good condition at all times. 

When equipping a source bulk business, it is important to have a wide range of dispensers that can keep all the products in optimal conditions, something that can have a positive impact on the image of the business.

Basically, shops that sell food products tend to rely mainly on this type of dispenser. Acrylic plastic protects the food in a sustainable way and provides the security that it will be protected inside. This is why dispensers for coffee, pulses, pasta, seeds, cereals, nuts and other foodstuffs are particularly suitable to be properly preserved within these acrylic structures.

On the other hand, other foods such as sweets and other foodstuffs can also be preserved for commercial food retail spaces. In general, these are what are considered source bulk dispensers for retailers who deal with food for quick and direct purchase, such as kiosks or shops selling confectionery, sweets and candies. Similarly, shops offering teas and herbal products need spray and herb dispensers, as well as plants used for various consumer, hygienic or medicinal purposes.

At the same time, we should also note that animal feed and treats can also be stored in these dispensers. This can be really useful in cases in which a precise quantity is required, which is why they have regulators that allow the feed to be obtained directly from the dispenser. The practicality and simplicity of handling is another special feature, as they can be very easy to use to obtain food products directly for the animals and perfectly preserved.

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Buy your display stands and source bulk dispensers at Plastic Express

At Plastic Express we offer a wide range of bulk displays & source bulk dispensers for shops. All of them offer the possibility of displaying products directly, precisely because of its high quality colourless acrylic plastic, which even protects and preserves contents properly. Thus, source bulk equipment is suitable for all the needs of the trade and available so that everything can be purchased directly for the customer or consumer. 

Displays and furniture for source bulk shops are elementary if you want to offer a quality service. There is nothing better than offering the customer a well-preserved and guarded product in different types of containers: display boxes, vertical or horizontal dispensers, multi-product dispensers, dispensers with folded tray or with handles and other types of resources adapted to the retailer’s needs. In this regard, it should be noted that at Plastic Express we adapt to the demand requested according to the requirements that are necessary for this type of products, which is why the bulk commercial equipment is mainly composed of this type of elements suitable for display.

If you want to make the right purchase, ask for a quote at Plastic Express. Our professionals will guide you and explain the best solutions for your business.  From there, they will offer you a wide range of products that can be purchased quickly to equip a shop. In addition, dispensers and furniture are also made to measure, according to your needs and taking into account the space available. Plastic Express employs the best experts in the manufacture of acrylic furniture and dispensers, always guaranteeing maximum efficiency and unparalleled quality.

Thanks to all of the above, you can make sure that all the products available to the user are in good condition, something that will benefit the business and allow the food to be well displayed.