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Methacrylate suggestion box

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All companies and offices should have a suggestion box so that their customers and/or employees can give their opinion at all times and it should be transparent as a sign that there is nothing to hide in that company. 

At Plastic Express, expert plastic manufacturers, we will show you what your PMMA acrylic suggestion box should look like.

Description of your acrylic suggestion box

It is important that customers feel confident that their ideas are collected in a place for later reading and analysis. This will help you to strengthen your customer base so that it becomes more and more stable. To do this you will need a ballot box that allows a clear view of its contents. We recommend transparent suggestion boxes so that customers can also see that you have nothing to hide as a company.

The acrylic suggestion box is an object to keep, store and even display suggestion notes. As it is made of Plexiglass acrylic plastic, it is a very minimalist object that does not clash with the decoration of any space, it can be used in any corner and it will always look good.

It is made entirely of top quality plastic materials. In this case, colourless cast PMMA acrylic plexiglass is used and designed in the shape of a cube so that all sides are perfectly sealed except the upper one which, apart from having a slot to insert the documents, can be opened completely with a simple hinge system.

To be able to manufacture this suggestion box, we have to work with good quality acrylic plastic and using techniques such as plastic laser cutting and acrylic gluing.


Using a suggestion box

The applications and uses of a suggestion box can be multiple and everything will depend on what you need it for in your specific case. Thus, at Plastic Express we have created a line of boxes and ballots so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs at all times. These are the main applications of a methacrylate suggestion box:

  • Interior design: For interior decoration of both offices and homes. A suggestion box not only has to be practical, but at the same time, it can bring a decorative touch to the space where it is located.


  • Collecting: These suggestion boxes are ideal for storing all the items in a collection in an orderly fashion and being able to access them whenever you wish.


  • Decoration: It can be used as a decorative motif, as it is transparent, you can see the object you put inside, such as a small sculpture.


  • Sweet shops: In candy shops, these small-sized mailboxes are ideal for storing and separating each of the sweets so that customers can pick them up in an easy and practical way.


  • Jewellery shops: Jewellery shops are spaces of maximum security and for this reason they need to have the most resistant materials to store their articles. With an acrylic box, customers will be able to see the jewellery perfectly, but they will not be able to access it unless you decide to do so.


  • Culinary: There is no better way to cook than having all the ingredients at hand in a very visible and accessible way. These boxes can be very useful to separate each of the ingredients and offer you a much more convenient cooking experience.


  • Office utensils: To store office utensils in a visible way for workers, a transparent urn can be the best solution.
  •  Study utensils: You can organise each of your study utensils in a small transparent box for easy and convenient access.


  • Organisation of spaces: Keep each of the objects in a specific space tidy and in sight.


  • Product display: Display your products with a transparent box so that customers can see them perfectly, but at the same time they are totally protected.


  • Window dressing: Make your shop window look much nicer by adding transparent plastic elements such as acrylic boxes and placing them at different levels to display your products.
  • Stand for decorative items: Organise all your decorative items so that you can use them much more quickly and easily.


  • Colourless stand: When you need to display an object and only want it to stand out, it is important that the stand is transparent so that it does not steal the attention.


How to order a bespoke acrylic suggestion box 

If you are interested in buying an acrylic box to use as a suggestion box, you can do it online through our website. But if your project is more ambitious and you need to find a ballot box or suggestion box that fits perfectly to your project and has specific measurements, you can contact us directly.

When you contact us by email [email protected] you can ask us for a personalised quote and we will study your case carefully to give you the best solutions at the best price. In the subject of the email put in the article you are interested in and the material you need. In this case: acrylic  suggestion box. This way we will be able to help you in a much more effective way.

Finally, we would like to remind you that if you are a professional in the industry you can access discounts by simply filling out the quote form for professionals that you will find on our Plastic Express website. We always try to adapt as much as possible to our customers so that they can have an excellent service and enjoy the best quality in their custom-made plastic products.