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Transparent colored acrylic Plexigalss

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    Technical specifications

    – Plates up to 3000x2000mm.
    – Thick from 2mm. up to 100mm.
    – Great transparency.
    – Resistant to the effects of the sun, humidity and small blows.
    – Easy cleaning.
    – Supports cutting with a saw or laser.


    Transparent Plexiglass acrylic sheets are made of a rigid thermoplastic that has similar visual characteristics to glass, only it is much lighter and stronger. In fact, it withstands ten times more any blow or impact. 

    This material has become fashionable due to its lightness, resistance, durability and its great transparency, which is why it is used by companies and individuals, giving rise to multiple uses that we will summarise below. 


    Characteristics of transparent acrylic sheets 

    You can buy clear acrylic plastic in different formats such as granules or sheets, although you can also find finished products according to your needs. 

    At Plastic Express we have what you need: quality acrylic plastic at a good price in all possible shapes and sizes. In addition, you can have transparent acrylic sheets made to measure so that you can make any project you can think of a reality, whether it is domestic or professional.


    Next, we are going to talk about the properties and characteristics of this material of infinite possibilities to give you a clearer idea of its full potential: 

    • It is the most transparent plastic you will find on the market. Without going any further, its transparency is around 93%. 
    • It offers strong resistance to shocks and impacts.
    • It is extremely weather-resistant and withstands the effects of the sun and any inclement weather. 
    • It has a high degree of hardness, similar to aluminium. 
    • It can be scratched, although it is also very easy and effective to repair. 
    • It can be used as a good thermal and acoustic insulator.
    • Transparent acrylic sheets are quite flexible, although they cannot be bent when cold. To do so, direct heat must be applied to the material. 
    • It burns easily, although when removed from the fire, it does not extinguish itself.
    • It weighs half as much as glass and is not much heavier than water, being remarkable precisely for its lightness. 
    • It is a rigid plastic that is easy to work with. In fact, it can be cut, split, sanded and drilled with the right tools. 


    Uses of transparent acrylic sheets 

    The possibilities and uses of transparent Plexiglass acrylic sheets are many. Without going any further, it can be used in offices, shops and at home. In addition to its great durability, it is the most transparent material that exists, it can be used outdoors and indoors, and it is 100% recyclable

    • Screens. Transparent acrylic sheets can be made to measure to obtain resistant and durable screens. In addition, they can be personalized and adapted to the needs and tastes of each person. 
    • Showcases. Plexiglass showcases are an ideal decorative element and you can include them in any room of your home, whether it is the living room or the bedroom. They are also very practical to display products in shops. On our website we have different models in different sizes and shapes to suit every need. 
    • Covers and enclosures. Acrylic plastic is very resistant and is perfect for porches, balconies and terraces. 
    • Furniture. The latest in interior decoration consists of creating furniture from made-to-measure acrylic sheets. This material can be used to make any practical and stylish piece of furniture such as chairs or tables at a very low cost. 
    • Skylights. One of the most common uses of acrylic plastic is the creation of skylights for the home. Its sheet format allows it to be easily manipulated and its resistance to inclement weather is second to none. 


    As you will have seen, there are a multitude of different possibilities that you cannot miss out on. Acrylic sheets are the latest thing and at Plastic Express we are specialists and we can advise you according to the use you are going to make of it.

    This material allows you to create any idea or project to improve a room in your home or shop. In our company you will find everything you need to let your imagination and creativity run wild, just ask us and we will give you an answer! 


    Buy your transparent acrylic plastic at Plastic Express

    At Plastic Express you can find your made-to-measure items with the utmost confidence. We have the most incredible state-of-the-art technology (CNC machining and acrylic laser cutting) and we are experts in polishing, folding, gluing, polishing, printing and cutting acrylic plastic sheets to size. 

    In our company we are extremely demanding and we will take care of even the smallest detail to meet your expectations to the maximum. We can supply you with all the acrylic plastic you need. In our workshops we have the necessary tools to follow in detail the instructions of our customers, although on our website we also have finished products such as our acrylic boxes.  

    We offer a close and attentive treatment, and we distinguish ourselves by offering a personalized and fast service that you can trust. If you need a quote for this material, just send us an email with what you need and we will reply as soon as possible. In addition, if you are a professional in the sector we can offer you special discounts.