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Creation of personalised acrylic trophies

Merchandising items carry a weight that cannot be overlooked by companies. Whether it is to celebrate small day-to-day achievements or for large events and trade fairs, the creation of personalised merchandising for companies helps to strengthen ties with customers and between employees

At Plastic Express we have a wide range of custom-made methacrylate products to ensure that your personalised merchandising is presented in the best possible way. 

Why choose personalised acrylic trophies?

Below, we would like to detail all the benefits of using our materials and technologies to offer quality results at a competitive price.


Acrylic plastic 

We use the highest quality materials to create our personalised acrylic trophies. In this case, we focus on the use of acrylic plastic, a material whose finish resembles glass, but much lighter and more resistant.

This material, which can be found both in a bright, clear colour and in a colourless finish, can even be worked with high thicknesses, which makes it perfect to create blocks with a thickness of between 3 mm and 100 mm.

Manufactured in cast acrylic plastic, which is much more mouldable and easier to cut, it allows each piece to be personalised even more. In addition, this type of methacrylate offers a cleaner and shinier finish.


Digital printing

Once you have selected the type of acrylic plastic you want to use, our professionals will print on the surface of the piece, using a digital printer, any design or motif that the client wishes. Thanks to this tool, we are able to offer a 100% completely personalised trophy.

From the one with the logo or the image of the brand or competition in the centre, to the details of the sporting modality of the competition. We design the three positions of the podium, 1st, 2nd and 3rd, as well as other subcategories that the client considers necessary.


Laser engraving and cutting

To finish off the design of the personalised trophy, we take care of adding any type of engraving or cutting to polish the piece down to the last detail required by our clients. Our intention is that each of the pieces we create has its own seal of identity.

Trofeos de metacrilato a medida

The best ideas for a personalised trophy

Personalised trophies open up a world of possibilities where the only limitation is basically the creativity of the designer. 

From the classic commemorative plaques, to which data, quotes, dates or even photographs of the winner can be added, to the most modern themed trophies with shapes and designs related to the activity to be celebrated, to the also infallible cups, which compensate for their lack of innovation with an unmistakable meaning and value. 

All this without leaving aside the possibility of adding small company logos or any other detail that serves as a promotional element. Acrylic trophies are a perfect opportunity to put the finishing touch to a memorable event, date or competition with a detail that all participants will remember for a long time. It is about giving the celebration a final detail to match the occasion. 

Buy your personalised trophies at Plastic Express

It is not necessary to have previous knowledge or a clear idea in order for the team of professionals at Plastic Express to achieve the expected results. 

What’s more, we offer all our clients complete advice: from the type of material, what are our methods of creation or what are the current trends, as well as the highest quality standards for the creation of personalised acrylic trophies. We turn our customers’ ideas into something tangible to make a difference. 

We would also like to remind our customers that special discounts are available for industry professionals. 

From our headquarters in Barcelona, we work for the whole of Europe offering maximum customer service. All you need to do is fill in the form on our website or simply send us an email to [email protected] with the following details:

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We respond within a maximum period of 48 hours where, in addition to a detailed report, we offer a tailor-made quotation according to the client’s needs.

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