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Opaque Colored Acrylic plastic

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    Technical specifications

    – Plates up to 3000x2000mm.
    – 3mm thick.
    – It does not let the light pass.
    – Resistant to the effects of the sun, humidity and small blows.
    – Easy cleaning and disinfection.
    – Supports cutting with a saw or laser.


    Opaque colored acrylic plastic is an extremely versatile material known for its unique ability to diffuse light across its surface. This quality has made it popular across a broad range of applications, from design and architecture to home decor.

    At Plastic Express, we are manufacturers of all types of plastics, and we would like to introduce you to one of the materials most requested by our clients: opaque colored acrylic plastic.

    Properties of Opaque Colored Acrylic plastic

    Opaque colored acrylic plastic is a thermoplastic that offers vivid colors, excellent lightness, and good resistance to weather conditions. At Plastic Express, we custom-manufacture plastic pieces from this material using processes like laser cutting and engraving, CNC machining, polishing and buffing, bending, gluing, thermoforming, embossing, and printing.

    Also known as polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), this type of plastic features:

    • Opacity: It does not allow light to pass through, ideal for privacy.
    • Weather Resistance: It withstands climatic conditions, such as UV radiation and humidity.
    • Color Variety: At Plastic Express, we work with green, blue, red, orange, and yellow acrylic plastic.
    • Machining-ready: It can be cut, bent, and engraved among other processes.
    • Chemical Resistance: It tolerates chemicals and corrosive substances, making it perfect for industrial environments and applications requiring durability.
    • Light Weight: It weighs half as much as glass, making it easy to handle and transport.
    • Acoustic Insulation: It reduces noise.
    • Sustainability: It is recyclable and has a long lifespan, making it an environmentally friendly plastic.

    Applications of Colored Acrylic plastic

    Thanks to its excellent properties, opaque colored acrylic has been chosen for various applications in many industries:

    • Interior Design: Its color variety adapts to different styles and settings, used to create decorative elements, panels, coverings, and designer furniture.
    • Signage and Labels: Manufacturing eye-catching and durable signs used in stores, restaurants, and public spaces.
    • Decorative Lighting: Its opacity can diffuse light in a unique way, so it is used in lights and screens for decorative lighting effects.
    • Art and Sculpture: Some artists use opaque colored acrylic plastic to create contemporary art and sculptures due to its ability to blend colors and shapes.
    • Furniture and Design: You can find acrylic in furniture, chairs, tables, and stools as it adds a modern touch and color to spaces.
    • Automotive Industry: Used for manufacturing interior panels, consoles, and other vehicle interior components, adding style and durability.
    • Display Cases and Showcases: Colored acrylic plastic is used in product displays in stores or museum showcases. These pieces aesthetically highlight and protect the displayed objects.
    • Dividers and Partitions: In office spaces, restaurants, and other public areas where privacy is desired, opaque acrylic sheets are used.
    • Wall and Ceiling Panels: Used in interior wall and ceiling cladding to create a modern and elegant appearance. These panels can also help conceal surface imperfections.

    Purchase Your Opaque Colored Acrylic Sheet at Plastic Express

    At Plastic Express, we have been serving our clients for over 10 years, offering them the most suitable plastic pieces for their projects. You can visit our website to see the opaque colored acrylic sheets we have available.

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    Our team will immediately get to work to offer you a customized quote for your plastic sheets, with no obligation. Also, remember that if you are a professional in the industry, you can access special discounts through the form on our website.

    Get your opaque colored acrylic sheets of the highest quality and at the best price at Plastic Express!