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Table-top dispenser


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Its patented “Free Flow PRO” mechanism has 2 portion levels (Standard/Low) that allow you to choose the perfect dosing amount for your dry food. The dispenser comes with a metal bar that you can attach to an existing shelf or with a metal base for wider attachment (sold separately) or with wall mounting brackets (sold separately). It is made with ‘SAN’ containers, black ‘ABS’ lid and nickel-plated metal handle. All are BPA free and comply with FDA and EU food contact material regulations.

Being able to enjoy a bowl of cereal or a bowl of nuts, among many other possibilities, can become much more practical. A good table-top dispenser allows you to regulate the portions to always control the same amount, without having to worry about putting the bag or box away each time. 

At PlasticExpress we offer the table-top dispenser with freeflow pro at the best price, for both retail and personal use. 

What are table-top dispensers used for? 

There are a wide range of dry solid foods that benefit greatly from the use of table-top dispensers. The most typical dry foods are cereals or nuts, although such items are also useful for rice or pasta. 

This is not only a much more convenient way of serving a portion of the desired food, but also a more organised and visible way of storing them. Being much less exposed to the air, the food inside will take much longer to go off, with cereals and nuts staying crisp and fresh for much longer, which is not the case if you keep them in their open bag, when they will still be exposed to the air and humidity even if stored in the cupboard. 

Another advantage is knowing that you can serve a portion of the same size each time, something that can be very useful when following diets with specific quantities and not just an approximate amount each time. 

In addition, a transparent dispenser allows you to see how much food is left inside at all times, so you can see at a glance when you need to buy more. This is an advantage that may seem obvious, but should not be underestimated, as we have all been forced to make a last-minute trip to the supermarket after having opened a packet of something we wanted and found that there was hardly anything left. 

A table-top dispenser can be placed in the kitchen or on any shelf or even cupboard where it is suitable. When we talk about a cereal dispenser, the most common is to place several of them together to be able to choose the type of cereal that most appeals at that moment or even to be able to mix several of them, and the same goes for nuts and dried fruit. 

Buy your table-top dispenser with freeflow pro at Plastic Express

The freeflow pro solids dispenser by Plastic Express has a patented mechanism that allows you to choose between 2 different levels of portions, standard or low, so that you can choose the perfect amount for the food in question each time. 

It is a dispenser with a container made of SAN, which is High Strength Recycled Plastic, a copolymer of Acrylonitrile and Styrene with high mechanical and chemical resistance, resulting in a durable material and, of course, free of BPA and in compliance with FDA and EU regulations for materials in contact with foodstuffs. The black lid is made of ABS and the handle is nickel-plated metal, resulting in an attractive and elegant design, which will add a unique touch to any modern and sophisticated kitchen or room. 

In addition, the tabletop dispenser with freeflow pro includes a metal bar with which it is possible to attach it to any existing shelf. If this installation method is not suitable for the characteristics of the space in which you want to place it, you can resort to either the metal base for greater support or the wall mounting brackets, both of which are available separately and allow you to give the dispenser a perfect location in rooms of any layout. 

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