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Methacrylate tray

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The methacrylate tray It is a transparent and light piece for restaurants and hotels. Organize and display products or props discreetly highlighting their safety. Made entirely of colorless cast methacrylate , this traymethacrylate it is an object with unique optical characteristics. It is made up of a single piece, a single curved methacrylate plate. During the manufacture of this item for hospitality Methacrylate laser cutting and methacrylate bending processes were used.


  • Bars and restaurants
  • Hotels and hostels
  • Props organization
  • Product exhibition
From a collection of items selected by our team, Plastic Express has created a line of methacrylate furniture. If you are interested in buying one trayyou can do it through our online store.


In case you need a methacrylate item with different measures than the models shown, you can request a custom quote here or send us an email by email [email protected] with the following information: In the subject, indicate the article in which you are interested and the material such as, for example, tray+ methacrylate. Remember that if you are an industry professional you can get special discounts by accessing the formbudgets for professionals.

To maintain hygiene and order in catering products, it is necessary to use acrylic trays

They are becoming more and more common in homes and in different areas of work, thanks to the functionality and benefits they provide, but it is true that it is in bars and restaurants where they are becoming more and more important, thanks to their multipurpose capacity, the good service they provide and the innocuousness they show. 

What are their main characteristics and what functions can they fulfil? At PlasticExpress you will find all the solutions you need to have a made-to-measure, high quality acrylic plastic tray.

Characteristics of acrylic plexiglas trays

The acrylic tray is considered a transparent acrylic plate obtained from the polymerisation of methyl methacrylate. It could be said that it is an object composed of a single piece, that is to say, it is not configured by additions nor can it be broken down into fragments; in reality, it is worked as a compact, firm and sustainable resource with curved and smooth parts in order to obtain maximum functionality.

It can be considered as a colourless, translucent and transparent casting material in its entirety, so that what is to remain inside it is completely visible. In this way, the idea of using this type of trays for the world of hospitality, a demanding sector of this type of acrylic products, can be considered. 

Plastic Express manufactures all types of trays, laser cut according to requirements and folded to adapt to any type of surface or with the desired finish. The aim is to create a single plate, with a strong, firm and durable capacity. 

It withstands the passage of time very well, does not reflect impacts, scratches and other damage on the outside, making it a completely firm element against any external impact, maintaining the original and functional image desired. This is the only way to prove the quality of a material that basically achieves maximum efficiency and quality.

Uses of acrylic trays

The application of this type of trays in everyday life is very significant. There are different plastic accessories that we can use, but these trays are really useful for displaying all kinds of products and objects; that is to say, they become an ideal container for displaying all kinds of resources, both material and design. A particular case can be models and crafts, which are very recurrent in the commercial world.

Another case in particular is hospitality spaces. In bars and restaurants it is quite common to find elaborated food products displayed on trays of this type. Basically, it is a way of displaying everything that can be visible to others in an elegant and practical way. A particular case are display trays, whether they are smooth or curved, as well as those that are closed with a careful and sophisticated design.

In the world of window dressing they have great relevance. The image they project is really interesting, especially when placing decorative elements or resources that are going to be on sale. The idea is that they contribute positively to the decoration without being out of place and that they become a perfect support where the product that is going to be displayed will take centre stage.

Your custom-made acrylic trays at Plastic Express

Are you looking for a custom-made tray to fit a specific product? At Plastic Express you will find the best quality in plexiglas trays. 

The quality of our work is one of our fundamental premises, offering an efficient and durable product manufactured by professionals who offer a material that is completely resistant to the passage of time, light, firm and durable.

At Plastic Express you will find the quality you need and acrylic plastic that meets the needs of your business. We work in a professional manner and with the certainty of obtaining an elegant finish that offers maximum security. We carry out all types of design work adapted to your needs: translucent or coloured acrylic trays that will undoubtedly meet your expectations.

In short, a place to go if you want to enjoy an acrylic plexiglas product with a professional, long-lasting and good quality finish. The advice of the professionals you will find at Plastic Express guarantees you the best confidence, since we are leading manufacturers of plastic products in the sector and with the capacity to work in the estimated time and with the best tools on the market: mechanical work and the use of the best technologies that guarantee an efficient result. 

In addition, you can buy online through our web page, receiving the product at your home in an easy and simple way.