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Polycarbonate is a polymer that belongs to the thermoplastics group, also known as alveolar plastic. It is usually presented in a translucent and flat form, offering resistance and, at the same time, lightness. It is used in different areas of life, both at an industrial level and in construction or in various everyday decorative elements.


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Types of Cellular Polycarbonate

Let’s get to know the types of polycarbonate that currently exist, how they can be presented and in what ways we find them more frequently. Finally, it is a product that is present in different formats depending on the function it fulfils and the use it is to be given.


First of all, we must analyse what cellular polycarbonate is like. As we have already pointed out, its format is in sheets. In this way, several thin sheets are combined together in a compact thermosealing system. The structure is honeycomb, ribbed and hollow. In addition, it is characterised by being transparent and colourless, the most commonly used model; however, other very interesting chromatic types are also available.


Depending on the type, there are simple ones separated into small cells and others that have a lattice, as if it were the inside of a beehive. The internal spaces that remain inside the material provide lightness; however, at no time does it lose its firmness, and it guarantees durability over time.

One of the peculiarities of this polycarbonate is the lightness it offers. It combines the typical characteristics of polycarbonate with the cellular design. Its weight is light and easy to handle, a particularity that comes directly from the cells attached to the sheets. The result is a product that, to a large extent, allows us to use it to obtain resistance and strength. In any case, there are different models and thicknesses, so we can choose the one that suits us best.

With regard to compact polycarbonate, it is a very resistant product, capable of withstanding impacts or blows, offering durability over time. When we are looking for a fastening that has a strong and functional suggestion, either in buildings or in public furniture, this polycarbonate is very good to resist possible aggressions or vandalism.


Cellular Polycarbonate Articles

Cellular polycarbonate can be found in different shapes and forms throughout our daily life. It is most present in buildings. They contribute to the sealing of structures, as well as to the prevention of cold, humidity and dirt. For this reason, it can be said that their contribution is basically functional as well as structural.

Cellular polycarbonate sheets are external and translucent surfaces that offer guarantees of all kinds. However, their main peculiarity is that they are very resistant, even if there is a light or if they are hit hard. It can be found in different thicknesses, so that we can choose the one that best suits the function that the plank itself will fulfil. On the other hand, they can be installed in straight or curved formats, are very rigid and protect from UV rays.

Cellular polycarbonate profiles are connecting pieces and have an “H” or “O” design. The former are used to join sheets, bearing in mind that they can be found in different thicknesses depending on the needs of the structure itself; the latter allow the sheets to be blocked. In this way, an effective sealing is achieved to prevent the entry of water, dust and insects.

As for the cellular polycarbonate sealing strips, they are used to seal the windows on the sides of the panel. It improves ventilation and prevents the development of harmful agents such as bloom, as well as helping to prevent condensation due to humidity on the inside.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the anodised aluminium profiles. They can be found next to the cellular polycarbonate sheets. They are designed to be joined together and thus achieve a correct fixation with the benefits of these two materials which, in the end, will provide top quality fittings and will last over time, withstanding any circumstances that may arise.


Cellular Polycarbonate Manufacturing Services

So far we have been able to understand what the typologies and contributions of cellular polycarbonate are. Now we will analyse the manufacturing possibilities it offers

and how it appears in infrastructures and other everyday products. In order to place an order for this product,you should apply for a professional quote.

In the case of profiles, they are common on walls, supports, pillars and other types of walls. Without a doubt, it is one of the most commonly used materials for roofs and walls. Transparency, lightness and freshness are the qualities that make this product unique. In this sense, its composition guarantees resistance to the passage of time. It does not matter if it is subjected to severe weather conditions, as it will withstand any adversity.

It allows natural light to enter, which is ideal for indoor spaces. For this reason, it can be found in the roofs of ships, public spaces, homes, winter cottages, industries, etc. On the other hand, it is not surprising that it is also available on walls to replace the typical opaque wall with a translucent one which, in the end, will offer the same solution and provide more benefits. It is important not to forget that there are both thin and thick sheets, so we have different options depending on our needs.