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The bending of plastic materials is a technique used to thermoform or bend parts. Some materials such as methacrylateand polycarbonateallow us to make bends from exposure to high temperatures. In addition, these same materials in low gauges and the othermaterials that we sellcan be cold folded.

Based on the experience acquired after years of manufacturing methacrylateparts, at Plastic Express polymeric materials are bent and thermoformed with the highest quality standards. During this process, various techniques of bending methacrylate and other polymeric materials are used; including an automatic bender.

The bending process; Bend methacrylate or other plastic material

The materials that have a low caliber can be cold bent, in addition to making grooves along the fold or fold line allows greater ease when folding.

Otherwise, the materials that have a higher thickness are exposed to resistance that increases the temperature along the bend line and in this way, they are subsequently bent.

As a result, get your articles with the advantages of professional bending, resistance, excellent optical quality, reduction of other materials such as screws and the possibility of making highly complex articles with methacrylate.


  • Aquariums
  • Swimming pools
  • Windows
  • Hatches
  • Furniture
  • Corporeal letters
  • Labels
  • Colorless items
  • Exhibitors
  • Trophies
  • Methacrylate items
  • Decoration


Finally, at Plastic Express we offer you advice on your projects, we have a professional and multidisciplinary team to help you select the material and the necessary handling to execute your ideas. A custom bending process adapted to your needs.

In order to offer you a quote for the folding process of a material that we sell, fill out the form on the right or send us an email to with the following information:

In the subject, indicate the process you are interested in and the material, such as methacrylate bending.

Remember that if you are an industry professional you can get special discounts by accessing the formbudgets for professionals.



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