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Acrylic plastic bending is a technique widely used by companies that work with plastic to give shape to the objects they need through thermoforming. 

At Plastic Express we are experts in all types of plastics and we offer the best solution for each client to carry out their projects.

Bending and folding acrylic plastic and other plastics

Bending or folding plastic is a very careful process that is carried out through the thermoforming process at very high temperatures. What happens is that the composition of the plastic is undone so that it acquires the desired shape.  It will then be left to cool down so that it stays in that new position.

There are certain materials that receive the changes better without their structure being damaged and without breaking in the process, these materials are acrylic plastic and polycarbonate.

Different tools and methods can be used to modify the shape of a plastic and even cold bending can be used. The most commonly used machinery in this field and the one that is giving the best results to our customers is the automatic bending machine, which allows the work to be done in a more precise and effective way.

The results of bending plastic must always be excellent, maintaining the basic characteristics of the material we are handling. In the case of acrylic plastic, after having bent it, it must continue to maintain the characteristics of optical transparency, resistance, lightness, capacity to withstand extreme temperatures and inclement weather, etc.

Depending on the composition of the material, we can distinguish between two main ways of treating it:

  • Low gauge materials: They can be cold bent without the need for the plastic to be subjected to high temperatures. In addition, if the appropriate slots are made, the object can be made bendable and maintain its strength and flexibility characteristics.


  • High gauge materials: These plastics must be subjected to high temperatures in order to modify their shape and bend them as we wish. This means that, once the object has the desired shape, it will not change no matter how much use we make of the product.

There are other manufacturing processes for plastics with which you can cut, polish, print or glue the materials so that they adapt perfectly to the needs of your project.

Why bend acrylic plastic?

One of the most resistant and flexible materials when it comes to modifying its shape through thermoforming is acrylic plastic. With this plastic we can obtain all kinds of objects that we can use for multiple applications, both commercial and private:

  • Aquariums
  • Swimming pools
  • Windows
  • Hatches
  • Furniture
  • Corporeal letters
  • Signs
  • Colourless items
  • Displays
  • Trophies
  • Acrylic plastic articles
  • Decoration

Acrylic plastic has many presentations and colours depending on the composition with which it is made. You can choose the one that best suits your project and thus have your product made to measure and with the design you like the most.

All the applications we have mentioned above have a commercial or private use, but in all of them the objects used have different shapes. Thanks to acrylic plastic bending, it is possible to make round objects such as aquariums or swimming pools, which need to withstand great pressure due to the water they contain.

In addition, products such as furniture, windows or displays must be very resistant to withstand the weight placed on them. Another good feature of acrylic plastic is its optical and aesthetic quality, which is why it can be used to create objects such as trophies or decoration.

Ask for a quote for plastic bending

If you have a project in mind and you have realised that one of the steps you need to do is to bend acrylic plastic, you can write to us through our email [email protected], indicating in the subject of the email what you are interested in, for example: bending acrylic plastic.

Our team will analyse in depth what your needs are and what you need to carry out your project with excellence. If we have a product already made and in stock, we will offer it to you so that you can have it as soon as possible.

Otherwise, if we have to make the acrylic plastic manipulation to measure, we will send you an adjusted budget adapted to your personal situation. The only thing you will have to do then is to accept the estimate and we will automatically start working on your product.


Remember that if you are a professional in the sector and you need our plastic handling services, you can access discounts and promotions through the form you will find on our website.


Now you know all about acrylic plastic bending at Plastic Express. Take a look at our website to get to know us better and remember that we are committed to our customers to give you, in each case, the plastic solution that best suits your situation. Ask us for a free quote and we will try to offer you the best quality at the best price.


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