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At Plastic Express we have all the necessary equipment to offer you an advanced plastic cutting service. Thanks to the most revolutionary technology, we can cut to size according to the diameters you require, with minimum width incisions and cuts in very small dimensions. 

Laser cutting is a very flexible alternative, perfect for defining straight lines with a great precision in terms of shape and form, offering very smooth, polished edges. It is also possible to automate the process to obtain high quality parts of identical shape. CNC router cutting is also possible for materials such as PVC or polycarbonate. 

Cutting Acrylic Plexiglass  at Plastic Express

To cut PMMA Acrylic Plexiglass plastic we use an effective technique capable of cutting different pieces of plastic materials as useful and versatile as this one. To make this possible we carry out a process using an intense source such as the laser, whose energy is concentrated on the work surface. 

Ask us and don’t worry about anything. If you are wondering how to cut Acrylic Plexiglass, the answer is very simple: our latest generation machinery will take care of obtaining the precise cut and the perfect finish of the Acrylic plastic you need in any thickness and colour. In addition, this technique allows us to produce engraved pieces with great accuracy and a polished edge finish. 

The advantages of laser cutting are many, from the precision to make any personalised figure to the polished edges, as well as the possibility of making identical pieces in a reduced period of time. 

This technique offers a clean finish on plastic materials that other similar processes cannot achieve. However, PMMA Plexiglass laser cutting is used for engravings or through cuts and it is not always enough to have this type of machinery. It all depends on the work to be carried out and the complexity of the parts to be produced. 

Thus, when tackling any project, our technical team will analyse and review it in order to make the appropriate adjustments to guarantee a suitable cutting execution. Our experience is also essential when using these systems, thus guaranteeing the results you are looking for. 

Cutting polycarbonate at Plastic Express

If instead of cutting Acrylic Plexiglass, you need to cut polycarbonate, the best alternative is to use CNC router machining.When cut by laser, the Polycarbonate may get burned, so it is better to opt for this safer technique.

When cutting plastic parts, it is important to ask whether a polished finish is required after cutting. The laser method gives a cleaner, more polished finish, whereas CNC router cutting leaves the edges with a rough, unpolished finish. However, the resulting polycarbonate parts can be polished and buffed through the use of other processes. 

Before laser cutting polycarbonate it is preferable to use CNC router machining, which in addition to offering laser-like engravings and through cuts, can also provide recesses, channels or pockets. 


PVC carpentry and cutting service

At Plastic Express we also offer PVC cutting and carpentry. To carry this out we have a CNC router or milling machines that work with drills that take care of the material. It should not be forgotten that the laser can produce hydrochloric acid and toxic gases when cutting PVC. 

This technique is used to cut to size with great precision, although it requires the use of state-of-the-art machinery. At Plastic Express we have the most advanced equipment and the most qualified personnel to cut PVC or any of the materials we sell.  

The result of CNC machining translates into customised cuts and the highest precision to obtain various shapes and figures depending on the needs of each client. Unlike laser cutting, this technique does not use high temperatures on the surface, so it can work with practically any soft material. 

The only drawback is that it does not provide such clean edge finishes, although at Plastic Express we can easily solve this through other polishing and buffing procedures. 

Choose Plastic Express for your plastic cutting service

At Plastic Express we will provide you with the advice you are looking for your projects. We have a professional and multidisciplinary team that is highly trained, so that you can select the ideal material and handle it correctly according to your ideas.

If you would like a quote for laser cutting or CNC machining process of one of our materials, please fill in the form on our website or send us an email with the details of your project. Just tell us the material and process you are interested in and we will get to work. Either way, we will inform you well about it so that you can make the best decision. 

Just a reminder that we have special discounts for industry professionals. To access them, please fill in our quotation form for professionals. 


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