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Glueing plastics consists of the process by which two or more parts are assembled by means of glues and other physical processes. The cuts are made by means of laser cutting or CNC router machining, thus achieving a result that guarantees durability in plastic installations, adaptation to established measurements and maximum quality in what is known as acrylic glueing.

At Plastic Express we carry out glueing of polymeric materials and other methacrylate glueing techniques. We use both silicone and industrial glue, trying to design a product that adapts to the needs required by the client. The results consist of high quality standards that are characterised by being resistant, waterproof and durable, thanks to the extensive experience acquired after many years of work and manufacture.

Plastic glueing work

When it comes to glueing acrylic plastic, there is addition work involved. In order to do this, methylene chloride, known as dichloromethane, is used; which is a product that allows the dissolution of the material and the fusion of the parts into one to provide a single piece. It is considered a volatile, colourless chemical. Once it cools, the result that is achieved is characterised by having a high strength and durability over time.


Another technique we use is ultraviolet curing. It consists of adding a glue that reacts with a photochemical reaction caused by ultraviolet radiation. A polymer network is then generated. In this way, the manufacturing of the product is done by polymerisation. A low-temperature, high-speed process is required, but without evaporation. The result is a really good optical quality so that the product is of the best quality for industrial use.

When glueing acrylic plastic one needs to carry out either of these two techniques in order to obtain products with which a professional glueing can be achieved that provides the following qualities:


  • Durability over time and maximum durability for the same image over the long term.
  • Excellent optical quality with a functional and natural appearance.
  • Reduced need for other materials such as screws or nuts.
  • Complex design work can be carried out, even allowing custom-made acrylic products to be produced.


Why glue plastics?  


The application of plastic or acrylic glueing can be carried out on various resources that we generally use on a daily basis. Many of the products we handle on a daily basis have been produced by means of a plastic bonding process. For this reason, it is necessary to have specialists such as those at Plastic Express, who can guarantee a high quality result and the development of a useful, malleable and resistant material, so that it is of sufficient quality to meet the customer’s needs & expectations. 

Plastic glueing can therefore be used in these applications: 

  • Aquariums
  • Swimming pools
  • Windows
  • Hatches
  • Furniture
  • Corporeal letters
  • Signs
  • Colourless items
  • Displays
  • Trophies
  • Acrylic articles
  • Decoration


How to order a plastic glueing process? 

At Plastic Express we carry out the work to glue plastics and provide the best results for the customer. In addition, we carry out the manufacturing processes of plastic materials. We welcome requests and proposals in order to clarify any doubts that may arise. Our professionals will advise you on your projects and according to your requirements, taking into account that our team is multidisciplinary and helps you to find the best product that adapts to your own needs.

All the ideas you may have, whether for individuals or for your business, can be carried out once the professionals at Plastic Express have created a preliminary study. In this way, we can clearly determine what goals are to be achieved, what the needs are and what resources will be needed to implement the desired ideas. Transparency of information is vital to us throughout all the processes that need to be carried out, including dates set for the completion of the work and there will always be the certainty that the result will be the most appropriate one.

The budget is established from the outset so that there is confirmation from the client and, finally, there are no last minute surprises. To find out about what your proposals and needs are, you will need to fill in the form on the right or you can also send us an email to [email protected] with the following information: in the subject indicate the process you are interested in and the material such as, for example, acrylic glueing. 

You can also detail what kind of work you want us to do and what are the objectives to be achieved.


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