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cellular polypropylene

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    Technical specifications

    – Minimum resistance to abrasion.
    – Minimum oxidation stability.
    – Very good weldability.
    – Low density.
    – Very good chemical and electrical properties.
    – Recyclable material.
    – Resistant to water and chemical agents.
    – Lightweight and easy to handle.
    – Non-toxic material.
    – Suitable for contact with food.
    – Wide temperature of use, from
    – 30º to + 70º.
    – Welding for heat and for ultrasounds.
    – Possibility of carrying out special manipulations such as riveting and / or sewing.


    Characteristics of cellular polypropylene or plastic cardboard

    Cellular polypropylene (PP), also known as plastic cardboard,  is a material that is very resistant to knocks or accidents that may occur mechanically. In addition, it has very little reaction to acids or solvents, keeping its characteristics intact for much longer.


    It is a plastic that can be moulded using heat, so it is a thermoplastic. Its main difference with polyethylene (PE) is that it has a higher softening point.


    These are the main features you will find when using a cellular polypropylene or plastic cardboard sheet in your projects:


    • It has good abrasion resistance.
    • Minimal oxidation stability.
    • Very good weldability.
    • Low density.
    • Very good chemical and electrical properties: alkalis and acids.
    • Recyclable material.
    • Resistant to water and chemical agents.
    • Very light and easy to handle.
    • Non-toxic material.
    • Suitable for contact with food.
    • Has a wide temperature range (from 30º to 70º).
    • Compatible with heat and ultrasonic welding.
    • Offers the possibility of special manipulations such as riveting and/or sewing.
    • Has high mechanical properties
    • Has a high temperature resistance.
    • Offers an optimum cost-performance ratio.
    • Compatible with most existing processing techniques.
    • Water-resistant.
    • Good organoleptic properties.
    • Very easy to colour.
    • Has a high resistance to fracture by bending or wear and tear. 
    • Has good impact resistance at temperatures above 15°C.
    • Has good thermal stability.
    • Easy to mould.


    What is cellular polypropylene or plastic cardboard

    At Plastic Express we work with all types of plastic materials in order to offer our clients the best results and make their projects a reality. One of the most popular materials is cellular polypropylene or plastic cardboard. 


    Plastic cardboard is a thermoplastic polymer, visually crystalline, obtained from the polymerisation process of propylene. Its good features have led to its use in various sectors related to food containers, packaging, stationery, etc.


    The main advantages that you can find when using a cellular polypropylene sheet are the following, compared to other common materials:


    • It is a rigid and impermeable material that will protect everything inside it.
    • It is a washable material, so it can be reused.
    • It is very easy to cut and manipulate depending on the needs of each user.
    • It is possible to personalise the material through techniques such as lettering, printing and screen printing.
    • Apart from being reusable, it is a material with a very simple recycling process that respects the environment.
    • It is easy to transport due to its low weight.
    • It has a number of unique characteristics that make it an attractive option
    • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
    • It is available in a wide range of colours and textures, allowing for a high degree of customisation.


    Our Plastic Express professionals are able to work with the material to provide you with exactly the piece you need. In order to work with plastic cardboard or cellular polypropylene the following techniques must be used:



    How to use plastic cardboard or cellular polypropylene?

    Cellular polypropylene is a material that is becoming more and more widely used thanks to its properties. Thanks to PP, objects that are very easy to handle by the operator and very useful and attractive for the customer can be obtained.


    These are the main sectors in which this material is already being used to create packaging:


    • Formwork and internal partitioning in building construction
    • Surface protection
    • Support for digital printing
    • Merchandising elements
    • Protection of machinery
    • Industrial wall protection
    • Food packaging


    Where to buy plastic cardboard or cellular polypropylene 

    There are two ways at Plastic Express to buy plastic cardboard for your projects. The first is by purchasing the plastic sheets that we have in stock, which have standard sizes that you can modify at a later date, according to your convenience.


    If your project is a little more ambitious or you simply don’t know which material best suits what you have in mind, you can contact us. Our experts will help you find the right material, size and process for each situation, guaranteeing excellent results.


    If you need cellular polypropylene with specific measurements or you want to contact our technical team, you should write to us at [email protected]. In the subject line you should indicate which plastic you are interested in and in the description you can tell us a little about what your idea is.


    Remember that if you are a professional in the sector, you can obtain important discounts by filling in the quote form for professionals. As soon as we receive your email, the team will get to work to send you a quote as soon as possible and answer any of your questions.