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Polishing and buffng is a technique used on acrylic and other plastic materials to provide a polished finish. This procedure allows the pieces to acquire a defined appearance without roughness to obtain maximum surface quality, as well as eliminating marks, scratches or possible damage that can be seen at first glance, caused by the handling of the materials.


What does plastic polishing and buffing entail?

To polish plastic we use a CNC machining system, a state-of-the-art machine that allows us to achieve a precise and careful definition on the material, a job that can also be applied if you want to polish acrylic plastic.


Plastic Express offers a professional service to provide the best finishes regardless of size, type or thickness. Through an industrial edge grinding machine, we offer the opportunity to make a really interesting acrylic plastic polishing to achieve a correct definition of the product.


Polished edges, optical quality in joints, high optical quality in CNC machined parts and restoration of parts as required are some of the services offered by Plastic Express. Therefore, the customer’s requirements are taken care of in order to provide the highest quality.


This guarantees an improvement in the condition of the pieces in order to restore those parts that are worn or in a considerable state of deterioration. For this purpose, professional plastic polishing and buffing is carried out.


What is polishing and buffing of plastic materials used for?


Plastic polishing offers the possibility of working on materials that basically need a defined and careful finish. For this purpose, the best machinery is used to guarantee the correct definition on all types of acrylic Plexiglass articles. At the same time, it is also possible to work on the following resources:


The mechanised application offered by Plastic Express professionals means that the pieces are perfectly defined and with a marked pattern in accordance with the requested geometry. The steps are put into order and a series of operations are stipulated that will determine the shape of the final product. Precision is one of the qualities of the procedure which, in reality, has the capacity to polish plastics in an efficient and natural way.


What is acrylic plastic buffing?

Buffing on acrylic plastic carried out on the machined areas to achieve a quality finish, thus removing all the marks and impurities caused by cutting or by the material itself after use. Thus, all the marks and impurities caused by cutting or by the material itself after use are removed. The result? All roughness, scratches or marks are removed, so that a defined appearance is achieved after the product has been handled with CNC machined cuts.

Acrylic buffing machines provide a professional result. Edges are polished, the external image is improved and the surface is smooth and soft using the best machinery to achieve the best result. From an industrial perspective, all kinds of work can be done to round shapes, polish edges, work surfaces in circular format and try to leave the material polished and well refined.

The result is characterised by a very interesting result and thus an elegant, sophisticated and designer look. The high optical quality of the joints and the work on methacrylate and plastic materials means that the clarity of the product is not impaired and transparency is not lost. The result appears to be more defined and meets the desired expectations, thanks to the professionalism of our polishing and buffing experts.


How to order a polishing and buffing process?

At Plastic Express we offer advice to improve the final work. Our team of professionals helps in the selection of the material and in the manipulation work to carry out the ideas. To have a more precise knowledge about the possibilities provided by our professionals, you have the opportunity to contact them via email [email protected].

To get in touch, you need to indicate what are the desired claims and the material required, whether it is for acrylic polishing or buffing. Remember that if you are a professional in the industry, you can get special discounts by accessing the quote form for professionals.

Close attention is one of the qualities of our professionals. Plastic Express guarantees a quality result thanks to the efficiency of the machinery that, broadly speaking, makes good results effective, without forgetting that we can work on the most ambitious projects you may have, both for individuals and companies; for this reason, we are leaders in polishing and buffing plastic and acrylic materials.


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